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Wyandanch, Suffolk County, New York Family law is complicated. A process that's filled with rules and regulations that vary according to each state, it takes the guidance of an experienced family law attorney to navigate the complex nature of each case - from child custody to spousal support, property division, and divorce. In New York, it is possible to file for divorce under the no fault law if the marriage has been irretrievably broken for at least six months. The closest thing New York had to no fault divorce before 2010 was if two spouses have lived apart for at least a single year, and have a separation agreement. Alternatively, couples can file for divorce on the grounds of abandonment, adultery, spousal imprisonment, and cruel or inhuman treatment. Though speaking to an attorney about your family law needs, or browsing blogs online for assistance may be simple enough, it's worth remembering the emotional undertones of family law that are present within every case whether you live in Wyandanch, Suffolk County, Long Island or beyond. Unlike some other areas of the law, family law is inherently emotional, by its very nature.

In New York, and indeed throughout the United States, a commonly addressed area of family law is divorce. From traditional divorce using litigation to alternative methods of dispute resolution like collaborative law and mediation, there are plenty of ways to ensure that you pursue your best interests during your case. Though we often prefer to assume that we will never need the help of a family lawyer, it's worth making sure that you have access to one nearby just in case the worst should happen. After all, Huffington post suggests that the divorce rate in New York alone is approximately 9% at the time this page was written. In Wyandanch, a census-designated place and hamlet located within the Town of Babylon, in Suffolk County, the divorce rate is approximately 5.2%. Alternatively, 47.1% of residents within Wyandanch, Suffolk County, are married, while 37.2% have never been married, to begin with.

As divorce remains a significant option for people within failing marriages, it's important to know which steps you will need to take if you find your relationship falling apart. Though we all do as much as we can to hold important relationships together during our lives, it's not always possible to repair a relationship that no longer works. This may not be down to any one person's actions, which is why New York allows for "No-fault" divorce procedures. If you are considering a divorce, it's important to speak with someone who not only has experience working within the field of family law but also has an in-depth insight into the courts surrounding your area. For residents of Wyandanch, this could be Mr. Darren M. Shapiro - a welcoming family attorney who has spent plenty of time working within the family and supreme courts of Suffolk and Nassau County. Mr. Shapiro offers his clients several methods through which to address their needs during divorce - all the way from matters such as equitable distribution of assets and property, to alimony, child support, and even child custody. Since his admittance to the bar in New York during 1999, Mr. Darren Shapiro has had over fifteen years of extensive experience helping people within Suffolk County, Wyandanch, and the surrounding areas.

No matter what your specific needs regarding family law may be - whether you're hoping to discuss the terms of equitable distribution through mediation processes designed to ensure that both you and your spouse are able to talk through your concerns, or you want to fight for custody through litigation, Mr. Shapiro can help. In fact, with Mr. Shapiro, residents of Wyandanch can even get access to collaborative law procedures in which they will be able to use the assistance of a range of different professionals to help them come to terms with crucial issues such as spousal and child support, or visitation and parenting time. For parents and spouses who want to maintain a friendly relationship following the divorce procedure, measures like collaborative divorce and mediation can go a long way towards providing a safe space in which for agreements to be collaborated over successfully. Many clients consider mediation and collaborative law to be the best option when they need to consider the best interests of their children as well as their own, as these procedures can minimize the amount of negative energy spent during the divorce procedure or custody agreement.

Regardless of what your specific matter regarding family law might entail, it's important to note that there's someone nearby who can offer customized assistance and in-depth knowledge on the topic that is relevant to you. For residents of Wyandanch in Suffolk County, and those located in the surrounding areas, Mr. Darren M. Shapiro's office is conveniently located at 99 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 300-G Jericho, New York 11753. You can visit his office, by appointment for your free half hour initial consultation, or book your half-hour free consultation as a mediating couple. This consultation can be particularly beneficial for couples who are unsure about their ability to mediate and would like to get a feel for the process before they commit to anything specific or hand over any money. Simply take exit 40 on the Long Island Expressway or use exit 34 on the Northern State Parkway to visit Mr. Shapiro at the time of your appointment.

After you have arrived at Mr. Shapiro's office, regardless of which procedure you have decided to take to help you manage your family law needs, he will give you all of the advice and information that you need to come to terms with the various important decisions that you might need to make during a divorce or alternative family law matter. For example, he may give you an insight into which of the courts in Suffolk County you are most likely to attend during litigation, and whether mediation or collaborative law could represent a good option for you and your partner. Mr. Shapiro provides friendly guidance and expertise from a comforting office that is conveniently located to all those located throughout Suffolk County and Nassau County.

To learn more about what Mr. Shapiro could do for you in your specific family law case, please get in touch either via our online form or by telephone at (516) 333-6555.

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"Darren Shapiro did an outstanding job with case he was hired for. His price was reasonable and his actions were effective in this case. I would hire this Lawyer again and highly recommend his services." Anonymous
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“Hands down, he is the best att'y I have ever dealt with. He is thorough, objective, and above all, extremely dedicated.” Anonymous