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Westbury Nassau County Divorce Mediator

Divorce Mediator Statistics about half of all marriages ending in divorce are outdated. The truth is that plenty of marriages last a lifetime, leading to many happy years together for two partners. However, just like any relationship, there's also a chance that your marriage may need to come to an end one day too. Some couples simply fall apart and find that they'd be better off living apart. Others end up discovering something about the other party that they simply can't abide by. Whatever your situation may be, it's important to know that you're not alone, and you can always access the help you need to deal with your divorce.

Although divorces are never a simple experience, there are multiple options available for residents of Westbury, Nassau County, and the surrounding Queens County and Long Island areas, if they decide that it's time to end their marriage. You can choose to begin your divorce with a separation agreement, and spend some time living apart from your spouse before you apply for a no-contest divorce. Alternatively, you take the issue straight to the courts and ask them to make decisions for you if you and your partner can't come to terms about things like equitable distribution and spousal support.

For couples who would like to avoid interactions with the courts as much as possible, the best option can be to take a more collaborative approach to divorce. Westbury Nassau County divorce mediators like Darren Shapiro can give couples the guidance and support they need to address everything from equitable distribution to child custody and parenting time, in an objective third-party environment. Could divorce mediation be the right solution for you?

What is Westbury Nassau County Divorce Mediation?

According to Wikipedia, Westbury is a village in the Nassau County region of New York. During the last census in 2010, the village was home to around 15,146 people. City-data.com suggests that while 33.2% of those people have never been married, 51.7% are now in a marriage, and 6.5% are divorced. A further 1.5% of Westbury residents are separated.

All people and couples in Westbury, Nassau County are different. Some will find that the only way to reasonably end their marriage and come to terms with their ex-spouse is to seek the help of an experienced litigator, like Mr. Shapiro. In these cases, Mr. Darren Shapiro can be the trained divorce attorney or for those who elect alternative dispute resolution, collaborative lawyer. Many find that Mr. Shapiro is the right divorce and family law lawyer to navigate the Nassau County and Long Island Courts. However, in other circumstances, when a marriage didn't end on particularly negative terms, the couple may decide that they're willing to come together and discuss their needs in a less stressful environment, like a mediation office. As a divorce mediator in Westbury, Darren Shapiro can give clients a safe place to discuss issues like asset and debt distribution, and even come to terms on things like spousal support.

Because he's dedicated to serving a wide range of customers, Mr. Shapiro offers multiple different kinds of mediation depending on the guidance that you feel you need. Some people who approach Mr. Shapiro in search of help with mediation would prefer to meet with him before the official sessions begin to discuss their concern and build a rapport. In these cases, Mr. Shapiro may be able to offer preliminary planning sessions if both people in the mediation agree to it. These planning sessions can help to streamline the negotiation experience throughout the remainder of the mediation. For those who would rather keep everything out in the open, Darren Shapiro also offers traditional mediation too.

Is Westbury Divorce Mediation Right for You?

As a resident of Long Island himself, with an office in Nassau County located just off the Jericho Turnpike, in the Jericho / Westbury area, Mr. Shapiro offers a friendly and local source of support for residents of Westbury. His Westbury Nassau County mediation services offer a valuable alternative to the headaches and heartaches of litigation for many couples. For more than 2 decades, Mr. Shapiro has been admitted to the bar, and since he opened his own office in 2005, he has been offering support and guidance to those in need of a local divorce attorney. He is also a trained collaborative lawyer, and certified divorce mediator. For residents of Westbury today, Mr. Shapiro can be a valuable source of assistance when dealing with everything from child custody agreements, to child support. In some cases, Mr. Shapiro's clients find that divorce mediation isn't just a less stressful way to access their divorce; it's also a cheaper and faster path to finding a resolution too.

In cases where you may already have a divorce mediator present to help you come to decisions about your divorce, Mr. Shapiro can still be available to help people of Westbury Nassau County. As a review attorney, he can offer guidance and insights when your objective mediator won't be able to give you tips on what to do to protect your best interests. Mr. Shapiro can also assist with drafting the agreements made in mediation sessions so that they're ready to be presented to a judge at the Nassau County courts.

For those who aren't sure which strategy is best for their divorce, Mr. Shapiro offers a range of blogs and articles on his website that discusses the ins and outs of different legal processes. He's also available to speak to clients about their needs over the phone or via email. However, for couples who are considering Westbury divorce mediation, Mr. Shapiro always recommends booking an initial thirty-minute free consultation where both parties can be present. This ensures that everyone goes into the mediation process feeling as though they have the same information.

To learn about your options for Westbury divorce mediation or discuss other solutions for divorce and family law cases, contact Mr. Shapiro today. You can get in touch either through our online form or over the phone at (516) 333-6555.

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"Darren Shapiro did an outstanding job with case he was hired for. His price was reasonable and his actions were effective in this case. I would hire this Lawyer again and highly recommend his services." Anonymous
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“Hands down, he is the best att'y I have ever dealt with. He is thorough, objective, and above all, extremely dedicated.” Anonymous