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Syosset, Nassau County Divorce Mediator

Man with a Whiteboard Some marriages last "until death do us part." These relationships remain strong over the years, weathering every storm, and leading to endless wonderful experiences for the couple involved. Other marriages can break down over time, either because of problems within the relationship itself, or issues that aren't the fault of either party. Divorce mediators in Nassau County might be valuable for solutions in order to dissolve the marriage.

Relationships are complicated things, and it's impossible to know for certain how long any relationship will last, or whether it will remain strong forever. Ultimately, while you can't predict the future, you can make sure that you're prepared for whatever might happen in your relationship, by ensuring you know where to go for help.

If like many couples today, you find that your marriage is no longer making you and your partner as happy as it once did, you may decide that the best way forward is for both of you to go your own directions. This doesn't necessarily mean that you've "failed" in your marriage. Instead, it simply suggests that you're both looking for something different at this point in your life. Divorce through mediation, settlement negotiations or litigation are all possibilities.

While not all relationships end amicably, if you find that you and your partner seem to be on the same page about a pending divorce, then it may be a good idea to consider something other than litigation to end your marriage. Fortunately, a Syosset Nassau County divorce mediator like Darren Shapiro may be able to help.

Do you Need a Syosset Divorce Mediator?

Litigation has an important part to play in the world of divorce. Sometimes, when relationships end poorly, it's impossible for one party to negotiate with the other about what should happen at the end of their marriage. In these situations, the best option is usually to seek the assistance of a divorce attorney who can handle the headaches for you and fight for your best interests in front of the court. However, if your marriage didn't end negatively, then you may decide that it's much easier to come to terms with your ex-partner in an amicable setting, like a mediation office. A divorce mediation process, like that offered by Darren Shapiro, gives couples in Syosset Nassau County a way to discuss their concerns about divorce and mediation, without having to deal with the New York courts.

According to Wikipedia, Syosset is a hamlet of Nassau County, found in the north-east section of Oyster Bay. The area is popular for its incredible school district and attracts a wide range of families from around America, New York, and the world. However, just like any location in the US, Syosset Nassau County isn't immune to issues like relationship problems and divorce. City-data.com reveals that 64.6% of the residents in this hamlet are currently married, while 1.2% are separated, and 4.6% are divorced.

The critical thing to remember is that no two couples in Syosset at the same. That's why when Darren Shapiro created his law and mediation office in its convenient location off of Jericho Turnpike in Jericho, New York. he was keen to make sure that he could offer several different avenues to divorce for his clients. While he's always on-hand to offer litigation to those who need him to fight for them in front of the courts of Nassau County, he also provides alternative dispute resolution methods too. These solutions include thing like collaborative law and divorce mediation.

Why Consider Syosset Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation can be the ideal way forward for some couples who want to avoid the complexity and headache of the Nassau County courts. Through a divorce mediator like Darren Shapiro, locals of Syosset can sit in a comfortable location and discuss the issues that they want to address during their divorce in a calm and civilized manner. To suit a range of people, Attorney Shapiro even offers different kinds of mediation. For instance, if you feel as though you would like to build a rapport with your mediator before your official sessions begin, then Mr. Shapiro may be able to give you preliminary planning sessions. These sessions are available when both parties in the divorce agree to them, and they allow individuals to discuss the worries they have about the mediation process with their mediator one-on-one. Crucially, these sessions aren't designed so that the mediator can give behind-the-scenes advice to each client. If you want guidance for your divorce process, then you may need to seek the assistance of a separate review attorney. Darren Shapiro recommends using a Review Attorney in all divorce mediation settings.

Alternatively, if you want to take the traditional approach to mediation, you can skip the preliminary planning sessions, and jump straight into the full mediation. Together with the help of Darren Shapiro, and any review attorneys that you and your partner might be using, you'll be able to collaborative over things like equitable distribution, spousal maintenance and more. Just remember that the courts will need to approve your agreements. Additionally, when it comes to decisions made about children, any suggestions you make about child custody or visitation need to be found to be in the child's best interests.

Your Syosset Nassau County Mediator

If you already have a divorce mediator to guide you through your divorce, but you need additional help to make sure that you're protecting yourself and your future, Attorney Shapiro is still on-hand to help. From his convenient location just off the Jericho Turnpike, Mr. Shapiro has been offering divorce attorney services and mediation support to residents of Syosset and the surrounding areas for two decades. He can work as your review attorney, your divorce attorney, a collaborative lawyer, or a dedicated mediator, depending on your individual needs.

Whatever direction your divorce takes you in, Attorney Shapiro is on-hand to help as a resident of Nassau County, and a source of local support. Whether you're interested in Syosset divorce mediation, or you need to take another approach to your divorce, you can contact Mr. Shapiro today to discuss your options. Your first 30-minute consultation is free, although it's recommended that you get this session with your partner when you're considering mediation.

Contact us today either via our online contact form or reach out over the phone at: at (516) 333-6555.

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