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South Shore Suffolk County Divorce Mediator

Simplifying Equitable Distribution Through Mediation

Knowing how to proceed with a divorce isn’t always easy. Even if you and your partner have mutually agreed that the best option for your futures is to separate, it can be difficult to know how to start the process of divorce. After all, any marriage, no matter how long it might last, entwines the assets and lives of two people in a way very difficult to unravel.

The concept of going to court and fighting for your best interests in front of a judge can be extremely worrying, which is why it’s becoming increasingly common for people from all backgrounds to consider mediation. South Shore Suffolk County Divorce Mediation provides couples with an alternative form of dispute resolution, capable of reducing the time spent in the court room.

According to Wikipedia, Suffolk County has over 1.5 million residents, and a significant portion of these locals may find themselves in need of a divorce attorney or divorce mediator at some point int heir lives. While it’s safe to say the New York divorce rate is dropping – even lower than the general divorce rate for the United States, there will always be marriages that don’t work out. This is why it’s so important to find the right South Short Suffolk county divorce mediator.

What Can a South Shore Suffolk County Divorce Mediator Do?

Mr. Darren Shapiro, located just of the Jericho Turnpike is both a trained divorce mediator and an attorney that lives in Suffolk County and has an office nearby the Suffolk County area. With close to two decades of experience in family law, Mr. Shapiro can offer a highly educated and insightful approach to South Shore Suffolk County mediation. His experience and background make him excellent at offering advice and guidance on how to discuss common divorce issues and come to agreements which may be approved by the courts.

As a local South Shore Suffolk County Divorce Mediator, Mr. Shapiro acts as a neutral party in a series of crucial discussions and agreement drafting sessions with both parties in a divorce. Rather than presenting cases in front of a judge, mediation allows couples to sit down and discuss their individual needs, with the aim of coming to an agreement both can live with.

Because the mediation process is less aggressive, it’s often not as emotionally charged as the litigation process. This means couples involved in mediation can save themselves a lot of heart ache. Additionally, divorce mediation doesn’t rely as much on the ability to book and wait for court room appearances, which means the cases can be solved a lot faster than they would be in a standard divorce litigation session.

Mr. Darren Shapiro will facilitate meaningful conversations between both South Shore Suffolk county residents about the issues that often arise during divorce, like spousal support and equitable distribution. Discussions may even be held on the future of a family home.

Defining South Shore Suffolk County Mediation

As an experienced South Shore Suffolk County divorce mediator, Mr. Shapiro can guide couples through a range of complex experiences associated to divorce and family law. This may even include drafting separation agreements for couples who are not yet ready to divorce but interested in considering how they might go about divorce in the future. A well-drafted separation agreement can be very useful if a couple does choose to divorce later, as it can be used in a no-dispute divorce.

Mediation is an extremely flexible process in South Shore Suffolk County, capable of adapting to the needs of the specific couple. For instance, Mr. Shapiro can start out by guiding conversations about equitable distribution and assets and go on to cover specific requirements for the couple in question, such as how to deal with debts, split the family home, and even what to do about shared pensions and investment accounts.

Because Mr. Shapiro has experience in both divorce and child custody law, he can also offer advice on how agreements may need to be structured about parenting time and child custody. However, as Mr. Shapiro notes during these sessions, it will ultimately be the decision of the court whether an agreement about child custody should be accepted. The courts of New York must act in the best interests of the child, which requires a consideration of various factors.

Although divorce mediation may not be an option for everyone, which is why Mr. Shapiro still offers divorce litigation and attorney support, it can be a valuable tool for a wide range of couples who want to make their own decisions about their future. With divorce mediations, you can avoid having a court decide on the future of your assets for you, to some degree. The process is also much faster and less expensive in a lot of cases.

Perhaps most importantly, divorce mediation can also set the foundations for an amicable relationship between divorced parties, which may be crucial when it comes to managing relationships with children in the future.

Do You Need a South Shore Suffolk County Divorce Mediator?

As the New York courts continue to champion the use of mediation wherever possible in divorce sessions, it’s becoming increasingly important for couples to ensure they know all of their options. Working with a South Shore Suffolk County divorce mediator like Mr. Shapiro provides couples with access to a convenient, local, and well-versed professional for arranging future agreements.

Mr. Darren Shapiro can also operate alongside review attorneys for both parties, and he even recommends having your own lawyer, so he can continue to maintain his position as an entirely neutral and objective party. For those who want to discuss the option of divorce mediation, shared consultations of up to thirty minutes with you and your partner are available for free.

Find out whether divorce mediation is right for you with Mr. Shapiro today. You can contact us through the form on this website, or using the number (516) 333-6555

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