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South Shore of Nassau County Child Custody

South Shore of Nassau County Child Custody Figuring out how to move forward when you are facing raising children while unmarried or after a divorce and the end of your marriage is never easy. You need to decide how you’re going to live on your own, whether you’re going to stay in the family house, and even how assets and debts should be distributed. However, the journey into a new life can be even more complicated when children are involved. Although children bring a great deal of love and wonder into a family, when a marriage breaks down, there are a lot of extra issues that you’ll need to consider, to protect your kids.

A child custody, parenting time, and divorce decisions between two parents requires a careful consideration of everything from child custody orders, to visitation and parenting rights, child maintenance (or support) and more. In these challenging times, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. The best thing you can do to make sure that you’re prepared for anything, is to ensure that you have the right help.

If you live in the south shore of Nassau County, then you do have support available. Local Nassau County child custody attorney and divorce lawyer, Mr. Darren M. Shapiro is available to help talk you through the many issues that you need to address before you move into the next stage of your life.

Reliable South Shore Nassau County Child Custody Attorneys

Mr. Darren M. Shapiro has been working as a divorce and child custody lawyer in the South Shore of Nassau County for more many years now. He was admitted to practice law over 20 years ago. If you call this beautiful location home, then you will find Mr. Shapiro’s local office a convenient place to visit when you need to talk about issues like maintenance, equitable distribution, child custody and parenting rights.

The Southern Shore of Nassau County is a wonderful place to live, with locations like the Baldwin Harbor and Jones Beach State Park to explore. There’s Long Beach, Point Lookout, and a selection of other amazing destinations where families can settle down and raise a family. However, even if you live in the most picture perfect environment, that doesn’t guarantee that you won’t face any problems with your marriage. Just like anyone else, residents of South Shore Nassau County can sometimes get to a point where the only way forward is to agree to a divorce or separation. When that happens, it’s important to have someone nearby who can help you to protect the best interests of yourself, and your children.

Wikipedia tells us that the population of Nassau County is over 1.3 million, and that 60% of the people living in this region are married couples. Another 33.5% of those households also have a child under the age of 18 to think about. This means that there’s a good chance that if you’re located in South Nassau County and you’re looking for help from child custody lawyer or a divorce, you also need an attorney that’s well versed in the nuances of child custody law too.

With his welcoming demeanor and conveniently situated office, Mr. Darren Shapiro is a South Shore Nassau County child custody attorney that you can be secure in that he has a great deal of experience. Over the years, he’s helped people all throughout Nassau County to address issues like equitable distribution, parenting schedules, and even family orders of protection.

Your Dedicated South Shore Nassau County Child Custody Lawyer

If you’re looking for a child custody lawyer in South Shore Nassau County, Mr. Shapiro is here to help. His familiarity with the courts of Nassau County means that Mr. Shapiro can help his clients to prepare for the kind of experiences that they might have when addressing their child custody and divorce issues. What’s more, Mr. Shapiro is always on hand to answer any questions that you might have or guide you in making decisions to support your child’s best interests. Mr. Shapiro can even work with couples that aren’t married but are considering separating. Parents who aren’t married still need a strategy in place for how they’re going to deal with custody and parenting times when they choose to separate.

Located just off the Jericho Turnpike in Jericho, New York, Mr. Shapiro’s South Shore Nassau County law and mediation office offers a variety of ways for couples to address their concerns about an upcoming separation or divorce. You can even use Mr. Shapiro as your objective divorce mediator if you’re looking for a method of alternative dispute resolution that will allow you to maintain a positive relationship with your partner. Mediation can be a fantastic and time-saving alternative to litigation in some cases. However, drafting agreements during mediation that can help to sway the court’s decisions about child custody and visitation is a complex process. That’s why it’s so important to have the right help at hand. Remember, the courts do need to sign off on any agreements made in mediation, and they will always consider the best interests of any children involved.

Aside from standard litigation and mediation, Mr. Shapiro also offers collaborative law options for those who would like to access the assistance of other professionals during their case. Collaborative law means that Mr. Shapiro can work alongside therapists, financial experts, and social workers to pursue the best outcomes for your case. With so many options to choose from, you can rest assured that you will find the right path for your case.

Your Child Custody Attorney in Nassau County

As a dedicated child custody attorney and divorce lawyer, Mr. Shapiro has worked with clients throughout all of South Shore Nassau County and beyond. If you want to make sure that you have the right lawyer to represent you and help you to achieve the best outcomes for your children during this difficult time, Mr. Shapiro is here to help. You can even access a free half-hour consultation, to ensure that you feel comfortable with your new child custody lawyer.

Whether you live in South Shore Nassau County or nearby, you can contact Mr. Shapiro to discuss your case today. Reach out through our online contact form or call us at: (516) 333-6555.

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"Darren Shapiro did an outstanding job with case he was hired for. His price was reasonable and his actions were effective in this case. I would hire this Lawyer again and highly recommend his services." Anonymous
“Darren was excellent in court and able to negotiate a fair settlement in my Child support case.” Anonymous
“Hands down, he is the best att'y I have ever dealt with. He is thorough, objective, and above all, extremely dedicated.” Anonymous