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Your South Shore Nassau County Divorce Mediator

Mediation It's easy to feel isolated when you're dealing with the complexity and heartache of a divorce. Even if your relationship ended on good terms, you're still dealing with the confusion of having to divide assets, deal with child custody arrangements, and even decide who should be able to continue living in a family home. When a divorce takes place, there are few things that can help the people involved to feel better. However, it's often useful to know that there's someone nearby that can offer the assistance that you need - even if that means looking for an alternative route of dispute resolution.

As a stunning location, filled with opportunities for growth and development, the South Shore of Nassau County is a great place for many people to call home. From the incredible Baldwin Harbor, to the nearby locations of Jones Beach State Park, Point Lookout, and even Long Beach, there are so many parts of South Shore Nassau County that make it great. For people in the process of divorce, an unexpected gem in the landscape may be the availability of a friendly and welcoming office for mediation, collaborative representation and family law. Attorney and Divorce Mediation Darren Shapiro's Law and Mediation office can be found just off of Jericho Turnpike, a short distance from the homes in South Shore Nassau County.

Working with a South Shore Nassau County Divorce Mediator

Whether you live right on the edge of the South Shore coastline, in Oceanside, Woodmere, Hewlett or Merrick, or you're closer to the centre of Nassau County and towns like Hempstead, or Bellmore, it helps to know that there's support nearby when disaster strikes in your life. While a South shore Nassau County mediator like Darren Shapiro might not be able to remove all the discomfort of the divorce procedure for you and your ex-partner, he can offer an alternative route to the often-overwhelming experience of litigation. Attorney Shapiro has been working and living on Long Island for more than 20 years now, making him a fantastic local partner for your divorce, mediation, child custody, and family law needs.

Although Attorney Shapiro can offer litigation solutions to people who need to take their issues into the hands of the New York Courts, he also finds that it's helpful to provide the residents of South Shore Nassau County with alternative methods of dispute resolution too, like mediation or collaborative law. If you believe that you and your ex-partner will be able to negotiate through the terms of your divorce in a safe collaborative setting, then Attorney Shapiro can act as the neutral third-party in your case, guiding you through your divorce one step at a time.

Additionally, although Mr. Shapiro will not work as a review attorney with the same clients he represents during divorce mediation, he can offer guidance to those in search of additional legal support during the mediation procedure. Darren Shapiro believes that it's important for both of the people involved in a South Shore Nassau County mediation to know that they're getting fair and balanced treatment. That's why he feels it's crucial to keep mediation and attorney services separate, although he's capable of offering both, though not both at the same time.

A Local Source of Mediation Support

As a local south shore Nassau County divorce mediator, Darren Shapiro benefits from an in-depth knowledge of the area, and the legal procedures that are adhered to throughout New York State. Attorney Shapiro has worked as both a lawyer and a divorce mediator for people in locations all the way from Woodmere, to East Meadow, and Freeport. No matter where in the Southern shore of Nassau County you're located, Divorce Mediator and Lawyer Shapiro can offer the help, and guidance you need to manage even the most complicated divorce procedures.

As a trained mediator with years of experience handling issues of equitable distribution, parenting time, spousal support and more, Attorney Shapiro gives residents of South Shore Nassau County the opportunity to avoid the complications and discomfort of litigation. What's more, his background as a family lawyer means that Attorney Shapiro also has an in-depth understanding of the issues that need to be covered during a divorce mediation, and the things that the courts may consider when deciding whether an agreement should be approved.

If you feel that you and your South Shore Nassau County partner can comfortably come to an agreement about the terms of your divorce with the help of a trained professional, then mediation may be the best route forward for you. Many couples find that mediation is both a faster, and more cost-effective solution to their divorce than litigation. However, it's worth noting that some couples find litigation to be the only way to successfully come to terms on their future. Whatever the situation may be for you, you can find a full range of legal, collaborative and mediation services available at Attorney Shapiro's office.

Do You Need South Shore Nassau County Mediation?

Because Attorney Shapiro is located close to home for residents of South Shore Nassau County, it's easy to drop in and discuss any questions you might have. If you're considering mediation, Attorney Shapiro will even invite you and your partner to come together to an initial consultation session to discuss your needs. The consultations available with Attorney Shapiro last for up to thirty minutes for the first meeting - which is completely free of charge.

If you're considering a divorce procedure, and you feel that mediation might be the best way forward for you, reach out to Attorney Shapiro today to begin planning your initial consultation. We're available to speak to you over the phone on (516) 333-6555, or you can always schedule an appointment for an in office consultation.

Client Reviews
"Darren Shapiro did an outstanding job with case he was hired for. His price was reasonable and his actions were effective in this case. I would hire this Lawyer again and highly recommend his services." Anonymous
“Darren was excellent in court and able to negotiate a fair settlement in my Child support case.” Anonymous
“Hands down, he is the best att'y I have ever dealt with. He is thorough, objective, and above all, extremely dedicated.” Anonymous