Divorce, Post Judgment Divorce & Supreme Court Family Law Issues - $375 Per Hour

Legal Separations / Pre Or Post Nuptial Agreements - $375 Per Hour

Mediation - $375 Per Hour

Collaborative Law - $375 Per Hour

Family Court Custody Or Guardianship Cases - $350 Per Hour

Family Court Support Cases - $350 Per Hour

Family Court Orders Of Protection / Family Offense Cases - $350 Per Hour

Family Court Abuse / Neglect / Termination Of Parental Rights - $375 Per Hour

Adoptions - $375 Per Hour

Juvenile Law - $375 an hour

Name Changes - $375 Per Hour (Flat Rates on a Case by Case Basis)

Appellate Matters - Slightly Higher Rates Are Usually Applicable – Please Contact Us For Pricing

Landlord / Tenant – Call For Pricing

Criminal Defense Law – Call For Pricing

We Accept All Major Credit Cards: Accepted Credit Cards

Please Call For Pricing On All Other Matters – It Would Be Our Pleasure To See If We Can Assist

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