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Practice During COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Man Holding Smartphone In times of crisis, whether it’s a global or national issue, or simply an illness that prevents you from living your life as normal, it’s important to know that you can still address important issues. At the time of writing this webpage, the world is facing one of the most significant epidemics that we’ve ever seen in the form of the COVID-19 coronavirus. As a result, many people are being forced to reconsider the way that they connect with others, from family members and friends, to legal professionals like lawyers and mediators.

The good news for most people in this current situation is that options are available to connect you with crucial individuals from a distance. The rise of the digital world and cloud internet connections means that we can all communicate in more efficient ways, even if you’re unable to leave the house, you’re unwell, or you’re traveling around the world, you may still be able to reach your attorney.

Video conferencing, audio conferencing and phone-based consultations are currently, and will continue to be a possibility for the clients of Mr. Darren M. Shapiro. This is true not just in times of crisis, but whenever you need to collaborate from a distance. Mr. Shapiro can provide initial consultations through Skype, Zoom, and other digital means. Additionally, there’s the option to discuss issues further through these strategies and using phone calls and email too.

Supporting Virtual Communication

When you can’t meet your divorce attorney or mediator in person, that doesn’t mean that your family law issue should have to come to a standstill. Mr. Darren Shapiro has always worked as hard as possible to ensure that his clients can continue to get the support they need in a manner that’s suitable for them. Divorce mediation can be provided via phone or video. Arrangements can be made either for both parties in a mediation session, a single party, or a single individual seeking support for divorce litigation.

To ensure that you can continue to feel fully protected and supported in any crisis situation, Mr. Shapiro will offer not just distance consultations, but also secure methods of distance payment too. Payments can be collected via text, email or over the phone. Additional encryption can be used to defend your personal data.

One thing to bear in mind is that although Mr. Shapiro will always endeavor to give you the support you need in the right media for your requirements, he may also be restricted by the guidelines of the courts. During the time of writing for this page, crucial regulations are being implemented to protect those who may be at risk of infection from a spreading pandemic. Because of this, courts are only taking on essential cases. Should any case like this occur in the future, you may be able to arrange distance calls with your attorney or mediator. However, you may also be required to wait for your case to be heard by the courts, depending on how crucial your courts consider the issue to be.

If the courts find that your case can be adjourned, then a future date will be set for your hearing and court appearances. In this case, you can arrange further strategies with Darren Shapiro to ensure that you are properly protected and informed by the time that your hearing arises.

E-Filing and Family Law Cases

When issues like the COVID-19 epidemic occur, one option that the courts may consider is to initiate legal cases with e-filing. Essentially, all cases started with e-filing can be submitted to the courts through digital means, reducing the requirement for in-person appearances. After all, even in the most difficult times, people will still need to address complicated and time-sensitive issues.

In the Supreme Court for New York civil matters, when epidemics strike, it’s likely that only essential applications will be addressed, and according to the discretion of the courts. Divorces are civil matters and many of them can involve essential matters. However, what the court considers to be essential isn’t always clear. Orders of protection and urgent support may be deemed essential, but they may also be put on hold if the court decides that the clients involved can be addressed at a later time. If that is the case in your situation, it will be important to discuss your options with individuals like Mr Darren M. Shapiro. You may be able to draft paperwork for your cases and make sure that everything is ready for your hearing in advance using teleconferencing and video conferencing. Working in advance to get everything ready to file could help things to run more smoothly.

During difficult times, both for individuals and nations alike, it is important to think about how you can make the most of your situation. You may find that time outside of your typical schedule gives you more moments during which you can address the issues in your court case that have been put to one side until now. You might also need to speak to an attorney like Mr. Darren Shapiro about how you may be able to accelerate important issues. Negotiations and discussions can still take place between lawyers and clients in many cases. Agreements can be made to mail paperwork, get separation agreements, and handle stipulations of settlement, among other things.

If you’re in a worrying situation right now and you need to consider alternative methods of resolution to address your current issues, speak to Mr. Darren Shapiro. You can get in touch using an online contact form, or over the phone at (516) 333-6555.

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