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Nassau County Child Custody

custody There are a lot of complex issues that couples need to address when facing a divorce. Usually, married, and non-married partners are living together in a shared home. That means that before either party can move on with their lives, they need to decide what’s going to happen with the shared property and the assets within.

Beyond equitable distribution concerns, divorcing couples also need to think about things like spousal or child support, and whether they want to start with a separation before moving onto a divorce. As a Child Custody Lawyer serving Nassau County, however, Darren Shapiro often finds that the most complicated issue for any couple revolves around the children of the marriage, or relationships.

Many divorcing couples worry about their legal rights, and what sort of control they have when it comes to assigning things like visitation times. Parenting time is a complex issue for many partners, and it’s not something that always follows the same strict structure for every couple. Fortunately, with years of experience litigating and mediation divorces, Mr. Darren M. Shapiro can help clients from all over Nassau County to understand their options.

Choosing a Nassau County Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody lawyers in Nassau County Long Island, like Mr. Darren M. Shapiro can be an incredible source of guidance and support in a tricky situation, like a divorce. Not only do the right lawyers deliver helpful guidance and insights into the courtrooms, but they can also assist with helping you to build the right strategy to protect the best interests of your children.

If you need an experienced lawyer who handles child custody cases serving Nassau County, Mr. Shapiro has decades of experience in his field. Capable of providing knowledgeable guidance and support, Mr. Shapiro has delivered everything from collaborative law to mediation for his clients. That’s because he understands that different child custody situations and cases require unique strategies.

Even if you’re not sure what kind of support you need from a Nassau County child custody lawyer, Mr. Shapiro can help you to better understand the pros and cons of each negotiation method, so that you feel confident in your next step.

Your Nassau County Child Custody Attorney

A Nassau County child custody lawyer should always be the first port of call for a Nassau County resident in need of extra support and guidance on their divorce. As a parent, the best interests of your child will always guide everything you do. However, it’s important for you to be in a position where you can convey what those best interests are to the courts.

Mr Darren Shapiro has worked as a child custody attorney serving Nassau County and the surrounding areas in a wide variety of parenting time cases throughout a large portion of New York. His experience covers everything from cases regarding physical custody and where the child resides, to legal custody. Legal custody cases have an impact on a parent’s ability to determine what kind of education, upbringing, healthcare, and other elements a child is given access to.

Due to a varied skillset, Mr. Shapiro ensures that he can provide his clients with the widest range of unique strategies to explore when they’re searching for the perfect way to resolve their family disputes. Parents can engage in collaborative law or mediation processes to come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial for them and the child. Alternatively, for those who cannot come to an agreement themselves, litigation may be the best route forward. In cases of mediation, it’s important to remember that such agreements must always be approved by the court. Having a Nassau County Child custody law professional on hand can make it easier to draft a successful agreement.

When litigation is the only route forward for a child custody or parenting time agreement, a judge may be responsible for determining what happens next. The court will have jurisdiction over a Nassau County case if the child has lived in a New York state for six months recently (if there is no prior custody order), and custody is often available to be sought for any child up to the age of 18. It is important to remember that in any child custody case, the courts will be focused on the best interests of the child.

Finding the Right Child Custody Lawyer

Choosing the right Nassau County child custody lawyers can be a complicated process. You need to ensure that you feel comfortable with the person who is representing you. After all, going through a divorce procedure can be a very exhausting experience. It’s also important for your attorney to be able to guide you through your options with plenty of insight and information.

A lawyer like Mr. Shapiro can give you all the information that you need to make decisions like whether it’s better to use sole custody or joint custody when you’re applying for the right solution for your child. Mr. Shapiro can also work with clients on less combative cases where things like mediation and collaborative law can make it easier to come to agreements in the best interests of the child without much court involvement.

Crucially, once child custody orders are granted by the court, it’s difficult to modify these agreements unless a significant change in circumstances occurs. The court will allow for a modification to the child custody or visitation order if it is in the best interests of the child. Proving that a significant change in circumstances has happened is another process that requires the input of a Nassau county child custody lawyer.

Parenting time, visitation rights, and custody agreements are some of the most crucial considerations for any couple in the midst of a divorce to consider. If you are preparing for a divorce and need a child custody attorney in Nassau County to help you, then Mr. Darren Shapiro is available to do his best to answer all of your questions.

You can contact us through our online form to discuss the details of your case through a thirty minute free consultation. Alternatively, contact Mr. Shapiro on (516) 333-6555

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