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Long Island Divorce Lawyer According to statistics, married life on Long Island, New York, is good for couples. In 2005, the number of marriage licenses granted across Suffolk and Nassau County was more than double the number of divorces taking place in the same areas. What's more, in a national ranking that examined the fifty counties with the highest divorce rates, Nassau and Suffolk County remained blissfully absent. If you get married in Long Island, or anywhere else for that matter, the chances are that you are doing so with the hope to live happily ever after with your spouse. However, despite the positive numbers associated with relationships on Long Island, it's important to remember that everyone - no matter where they live, might find themselves dealing with the stress and heartache of divorce.

Over the years, family composition on Long Island has changed substantially, leading to more single-person households than ever before. In fact, there are more single parents looking after children today than there are couples. In other words, even one of the most relationship-friendly places on the map is filled with single people who have no-doubt had to deal with the stress of legal matters at some point during their journey. For instance, between 1970 and 2013, the amount of couples with children have fallen by almost half, single households have more than doubled, and non-family households have risen from 10% to 15%. In New York today, the number of married people is 40.8%, whereas the number of divorced individuals stands at 7.6%.

The Law and Mediation Office of Mr. Darren M. Shapiro understands the emotional turmoil and concerns associated with divorce. Not only do couples have to manage the complexities involved with dissolving an important relationship, but they also have to manage the legal concerns involved with equitable distribution, maintenance, and even custody or parenting time when children are involved. Whether you're from Long Island, or not, facing the many decisions that arise when a divorce is taking place can be trying for anyone, particularly if you haven't had to deal with the legal system in the past. For instance, couples may need help understanding the definition of Long Island and New York State for that matter as a no-fault jurisdiction for divorce, or they may want to learn more about how they can approach their separation from a different angle, using collaborative law, or mediation instead of litigation.

Mr. Darren M. Shapiro's extensive experience practicing matrimonial and family law within the courts of Long Island has allowed him an in-depth insight into the procedures used by the Supreme, and family courts. As such, Mr. Shapiro can give clients in Long Island the much-needed guidance that they require to move through procedures with as little turmoil as possible. What's more, his friendly and welcoming office can offer information to individuals with an interest in learning more about mediation settlements and collaborative cases. For instance, in cases that involve children, mediation can offer a preferable solution over litigation, as it allows for some manner of amicable solution to be reached with as little damage to existing family relationships as possible.

When seeking a divorce on Long Island, it can be tempting for couples to attempt to file on their own using information found on the internet, or court-provided documents, in an effort to get the matter "over and done with" as quickly as possible. However, the truth is that hiring an attorney like Mr. Darren M. Shapiro can actually ensure that you move through the divorce process faster, more comfortably, and with a greater understanding of the steps taking place. After all, only an experienced matrimonial lawyer can give you the professional advice, guidance, and support that would be impossible to obtain from a website or book. With Mr. Shapiro, clients can rest assured that they will be guided through each aspect of their Long Island divorce, from determining which processes best suit their needs, to pursuing their best interests.

Divorce is a stressful time for everyone involved, and it requires couples to think about parts of their lives that they may never have considered before. For example, you might find that your divorce prompts you to consider your financial standing from a different perspective, when attempting to prepare for a future where you can reliably provide for yourself, and your dependents. Mr. Shapiro's experienced advice can help you understand everything that your divorce process needs to take into account, from how assets will be split between yourself and your ex-partner, to what you'll need to do about maintenance, or issues regarding child custody and parenting time. Working with Mr. Shapiro can help residents of Long Island to reduce the stress of managing a divorce, as while he will need to speak with you frequently to discuss your case, he can also ensure that mistakes are not made along the way to your new future. After all, you have enough to worry about in the process of a divorce, you should be able to rely on your attorney to manage the legal work.

If you live on Long Island, it can help to know that there is a professional nearby ready to help you with your divorce procedure, and all of the other accompanying issues that might go alongside it. Mr. Darren M. Shapiro's legal office provides a welcoming atmosphere and professional guidance to concerned parties, from a convenient space in Suite 300-G, 99 Jericho Turnpike, Jericho, New York 11753. Only a short drive for Long Island residents, the office of Mr. Shapiro can be found off exit 40 of the Long Island Expressway, or when taking exit 34 from the Northern State Parkway. From here, clients can access all the assistance they need in regards to matrimonial and family law issues, from divorce, to child custody and visitation now known as parenting time. His reasonable rates, free initial consultations, and reliable representation makes Mr. Shapiro the ideal choice for many residents across the Long Island area. Contact us today to find out more at (516) 333-6555, or get in touch online via our handy contact form.

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