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Long Island Alternative Dispute Resolution Divorce Lawyer

Discussion Table Divorce is never an easy process. No matter how amicable the decision to end your marriage might be, the process of unravelling two intertwined lives can be complex and stressful. While the right Long Island divorce attorney can help to streamline the process of managing a divorce course, the traditional litigation method can sometimes add further strain to an already trying time.

Because of this, many parties have chosen to seek out other ways of managing the divorce process, with Alternative Dispute Resolution, or “ADR”. Alternative dispute resolution methods aim to provide parties in a divorce case with an opportunity to manage their divorce, without engaging in formal divorce proceedings.

The benefits of these Alternative Dispute Resolution strategies have been so significant in family law cases, that in New York, parties are now encouraged to seek out mediation and other forms of ADR to assist in the rapid resolution of divorce cases.

Strategies offered by a Long Island alternative dispute resolution divorce lawyer can help parties to save time on taking their case to trial, save money, and maintain greater levels of control over the outcomes of their proceedings.

What Is Long Island Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Essentially, ADR refers to the range of processes that help parties in a divorce case or another family law case to resolve disputes without a trial. These processes are confidential, less stressful, and less formal than traditional court proceedings. Often, they’re one of the most attractive options to parties who believe they may be able to resolve their issues amicably, without a court trial.

The United Court System in Long Island and throughout New York encourages the resolution of all civil legal disputes using ADR strategies such as mediation and in-court settlement practices. In fact, all civil actions and proceedings heard in the Supreme Court and Family court are eligible for referral to an alternative dispute resolution process.

Common ADR methods used by Long Island dispute resolution divorce lawyers such as Mr. Darren Shapiro include:

  • Negotiation: Parties attempt to reach agreements on concepts like equitable distribution and maintenance payments between themselves, without the assistance of an independent third-party. However, attorneys are often involved to offer consultation and guidance.
  • Mediation: Mediation is a form of negotiation facilitated by an independent and impartial third-party, such as Mr. Darren Shapiro. The mediator works to guide the conversation and ensure the successful outcome of the proceedings.
  • Collaborative law: In collaborative law proceedings, mediators may work with expert parties chosen by the individuals within the case, to help assess the components of the case, and determine potentially successful outcomes.

While there’s always a chance that mediation and other alternative dispute resolutions won’t produce the right result for parties seeking simpler, faster divorce outcomes, these methods have proven to be extremely effective over the years. The right Long Island dispute resolution lawyer can deliver a host of beneficial outcomes to parties, and help them to progress forward in the next stage of their life.

The Benefits of Long Island Alternative Dispute Resolution

With decades of experience in the family law landscape, and a deep understanding of the unique nuances of the family and supreme courts in Long Island, Mr. Darren Shapiro assists countless clients to resolve their divorce issues as effectively and painlessly as possible. As a certified divorce mediator, and master of various ADR techniques, Mr. Shapiro can provide local guidance to residents of Long Island, maintaining a completely objective approach.

With Mr. Shapiro’s assistance as a Long Island alternative dispute resolution lawyer, parties seeking a pain-free divorce process in Long Island can:

  • Save time: Alternative Dispute Resolution methods often lead to quicker resolutions than standard court proceedings. They allow parties to avoid the lengthy waiting times and scheduling issues associated with litigation, so they can move forward with their lives as quickly as possible, minimizing emotional stress.
  • Save money: With mediation and other ADR strategies, parties can often save significant money on traditional litigation fees. ADR offers a more affordable alternative to conventional divorce trials in Long Island, allowing parties to preserve their assets as they move forward into the next stage of their lives, separate from their partner.
  • Maintain control: Although agreements made in proceedings with a Long Island alternative dispute resolution lawyer will need to be approved by the courts, they provide parties with more control to make their own decisions about their future. ADR empowers individuals by actively involving them in the decision making process, and allowing them to create mutually beneficial solutions that align with their goals.
  • Reduce stress: ADR techniques take place outside of the court room, in a more comfortable and laid-back environment. Mr. Shapiro offers a comfortable office space where parties can meet according to their own schedule, and avoid the discomfort of the court rooms. There are even opportunities to communicate via phone or video. Mr. Shapiro allows parties to craft personalized solutions to their needs, to reduce stress as much as possible.
  • Ensure confidentiality: ADR proceedings can also allow parties to maintain a higher level of privacy compared to court hearings. Parties can discuss sensitive matters in private, rather than bringing them to the court. This can be particularly important for individuals in Long Island who want to keep their family matters out of the public eye.

The Alternative Dispute Resolution methods offered to Long Island Residents by an ADR lawyer like Mr. Shapiro can also lead to longer-lasting, more amicable agreements. In some cases, parties even find they can preserve their relationship with their ex-partner, which can be crucial in conflicts involving families, where parents want to preserve their relationship for the sake of children.

Choosing a Long Island Alternative Dispute Resolution Lawyer

While ADR strategies aren’t guaranteed to deliver results for everyone, they can be extremely useful to individuals in search of a less stressful way to come to terms on the outcomes of their divorce. For residents of Long Island, choosing a native Long Island Alternative Dispute Resolution lawyer, with years of experience navigating the local courts is crucial.

Mr. Shapiro offers a friendly and supportive service to all Long Island residents in search of ADR strategies like mediation. With years of experience in his space, and a deep knowledge of the nuances of family law in Long Island, Darren Shapiro can offer expertise, guidance, and consultation for a variety of cases.

To discuss your options for dispute resolution, or arrange your free initial consultation, up to a half hour, with Mr. Shapiro, contact our legal office today.

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