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Levittown Located within the Town of Hempstead, in Nassau County on Long Island, New York, Levittown is a census-designated place and hamlet midway between the villages of Farmingdale and Hempstead. As reported by the census taken in 2010, this CDP had a population of 51,881 people. According to Wikipedia.com, Levittown's name comes from the firm responsible for building it, "Levitt & Sons", which was founded in 1929, and built the planned community district from 1947 to 1951. Levittown was also regarded widely as the archetype for country-wide postwar suburbs, as the first mass-produced suburb ever created.

Of the 17,207 households, and 14,031 families that call Levittown their home, city-data.com suggests that 30.6% have never been married, 55.5% are now married, and 6.3% are currently divorced. However, further research from realtor.com notes that the percentage of people married within Levittown is 1% higher than the national average for Nassau County, in Long Island.

For most people throughout Levittown, and indeed Long Island, the search for a divorce lawyer or family law attorney can seem both worrisome and intimidating at first, particularly for those who have never dealt with an attorney in the past. However, it is important to access legal help as soon as possible when attempting to navigate the difficult circumstances that make up a divorce case. Mr. Darren M. Shapiro Esq. has worked in Nassau County as a litigator, certified mediator, family attorney, and collaborative attorney. He was admitted to the New York State bar in 1999. Since then, he has developed a comprehensive list of skills regarding all manner of cases throughout New York and Long Island, with the largest volume of his cases stemming from the Nassau County region at this time. His extensive work within the Nassau County family and Supreme courts has allowed him to develop a strong familiarity with the legal practices and particular nuances of the area.

Accessing a local attorney for family law cases can be incredibly beneficial, as it helps to make a trying process as simple and straightforward as possible. Mr. Darren Shapiro's impressive degree of knowledge regarding the courts across Long Island and Nassau County has given him the ability to gather plenty of knowledge specific to the area. This local knowledge is particularly beneficial to clients, as it ensures they are dealing with an attorney who understands the very particular aspects of cases within a certain area. As a local mediator, attorney and collaborative lawyer, Mr. Darren Shapiro has nurtured a familiarity with the state-specific laws of the area, as well as the court procedures that are likely to be encountered.

We recognize that approaching and choosing the ideal divorce lawyer can be overwhelming. Clients must be able to rely upon their divorce attorney to give them the advice they need to make decisions conducive to their best interests. An attorney like Darren Shapiro can maintain involvement throughout your divorce from start to finish, or simply work with you on a limited basis according to your specific needs. Whatever may be right for you, Mr. Shapiro will ensure that he speaks in detail with you about the different options available during your legal journey. Clients will also be given advice about the different courts available to them, the different venues and the proceedings that may be most applicable to their specific needs. As a resident of Levittown, you will also be given the opportunity to speak to our office about the various disadvantages and advantages associated with each legal option.

It's worth remembering that throughout the process, your ultimate goal will typically be to obtain a divorce in a way that is as painless as possible for both you, and any other people involved. The right attorney can assist you when it comes to pursuing that goal and doing as little damage to your current lifestyle as possible. This can be particularly important for clients who are dealing with children and custody issues alongside their divorce proceedings. Fortunately, Mr. Shapiro will be able to guide you through various important matters, from orders of protection to issues of neglect and offense. Though he will attempt to avoid litigation where possible, Mr. Shapiro is also capable of aggressively fighting your corner should litigation be the only viable option, so that you can move towards the outcome best for you, and your children.

Darren Shapiro's journey into the legal sphere began in 1999, where he found his calling as a motivated associate within a Nassau County Law Office. In the years that have passed, Mr. Shapiro began to build his experience and hone his skills in the legal industry, learning as much as possible about the local courts and procedures in his area. In 2005 , Darren Shapiro has opened his own, conveniently located office in the city of Jericho, in Nassau County. Both Mr. Shapiro and his legal team now work consistently to represent local clients who are struggling with cases of family law, from matrimonial disputes to issues of child custody. Though our office generally deals most commonly with cases regarding separation and divorce, we are well equipped to assist clients in navigating throughout various legal proceedings.

Mr. Darren Shapiro opened his office on Jericho Turnpike, in a location situated a convenient distance from both the Nassau County Supreme Court, and Nassau County Family Court. From this professionally maintained space, Mr. Shapiro provides carefully tailored representation to individuals throughout Long Island, Levittown and Nassau County, at reasonable rates. As a result, all of Mr. Shapiro's clients, whether they are from Levittown, or located in a village nearby, will be able to access customized, effective and deeply considerate assistance from an attorney dedicated to providing the best possible care.

If you reside within Long Island, New York or Nassau County, or even if you call Levittown itself your home, please feel free to contact us and discover more about the legal services that we can offer you. To simply learn more about legal processes, divorce and family law, click through our blog at: www.longislandfamilylawandmediation.com. If you would like to access your half-hour free consultation, or discuss using a professional family lawyer or certified mediator, please reach out on: (516) 333-6555 or through our contact forms, we look forward to speaking with you.

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"Darren Shapiro did an outstanding job with case he was hired for. His price was reasonable and his actions were effective in this case. I would hire this Lawyer again and highly recommend his services." Anonymous
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“Hands down, he is the best att'y I have ever dealt with. He is thorough, objective, and above all, extremely dedicated.” Anonymous