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How to Get an Uncontested Divorce with Mediation

Uncontested Divorce Divorces don't always have to be messy and time-consuming. Sometimes, two people in a marriage can mutually agree that the relationship isn't working for them anymore. Even in a marriage, it's possible to realize that you've grown apart, or that you want different things. When this happens, sometimes, the best thing that everyone can do is go their separate ways. In some situations, the couples considering a divorce may have even discussed the issues that commonly arise in a divorce proceeding. In these situations, those involved generally want to avoid as much exhausting litigation and discussion as possible. For couples who are ready to cut ties and go their separate ways, divorce mediation may be the ideal solution.

Darren M Shapiro offers both litigation support as a family lawyer, and alternative dispute resolution as a trained divorce mediator. In a standard New York divorce, each of the parties involved will be represented by divorce attorneys who are committed to providing for the best interests of their client. Sometimes, this appears to be the only option. However, in circumstances wherein the parties are capable of working together, divorce mediators can help the couple work through the issues that need to be decided in the hope of coming to a more mutually acceptable solution. Often, divorce mediation is much less expensive and faster than a typical divorce with a divorce attorney. It can be much faster too.

Uncontested Divorces and Mediation

Uncontested divorces are generally much faster and more convenient than other divorce proceedings. In some cases, couples believe that their divorce should be uncontested. However, as they progress through the divorce mediation process, they realize that there are issues that still need to be discussed and negotiated. Unfortunately, a divorce cannot be truly uncontested until there is a settlement agreement in place that both parties have agreed to. The non-binding nature of a divorce mediation procedure in New York allows couples to attempt to find a solution in a neutral environment. If it is impossible for these parties to come up with a mutually acceptable agreement, they can abandon the process and move into a traditional divorce instead.

Mr. Darren Shapiro has a great deal of success with his divorce mediation process. Statistically, the large majority of the couples that mediate with Mr Shapiro are able to resolve their issues and meet an agreement on all the matters required. New York mediation with a professional like Mr Shapiro gives couples a reliable and useful approach to divorce. It allows both parties in a marriage to discuss their needs when it comes to considering divorce. As a trained divorce mediator, Darren Shapiro can be on-hand to listen to the concerns of both parties and even offer advice on how courts may rule on specific issues. Mr. Shapiro can also draft agreements that both parties can present to the court to continue with their divorce as quickly as possible.

Many divorce mediators in New York are also experienced divorce attorneys, like Mr. Darren Shapiro. As such, these individuals possess a great deal of useful knowledge and insight into New York divorce law. What's more, because divorce mediators can work closely with both sides in the divorce process, they can come up with unique ideas and out of the box thinking. This often allows couples to find a solution to their problems much faster than usual. A divorce mediator like Mr. Darren Shapiro can also support clients by giving them access to a mutually beneficial environment, where they can negotiate and compromise on various concepts.

Do You Need Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation can be an excellent way forward for couples that want to ensure an uncontested divorce. With mediation, it's possible to discuss the concerns and issues that you have with the divorce procedure. If you and your spouse are considering pursuing an uncontested divorce in New York, it may be a good idea to discuss your situation with a professional mediator first. Darren M Shapiro's office of law and mediation handles both the typical litigation divorce case, and mediation cases for couples who want to negotiate over their concerns in a safe and supportive space.

Divorce attorney Shapiro offers his guidance as both a divorce attorney and trained mediator with years of experience in the field. Over the decades, he has helped countless clients pursue their best interests in the dissolution of marriages. Find out more about mediation, uncontested divorces, and your options with Mr. Darren Shapiro by arranging your initial consultation, up to the first 30 minutes is free, today. You can contact the office via the online contact form or call on (516) 333-6555.

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