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Nassau County - Hicksville

Hicksville, New York The law is a complex and comprehensive concept, with many different facets. Often, the area of family law can be particularly complicated, as family disputes force specialist attorneys to find a distinct balance between being able to manage delicate situations, exhibit high levels of professionalism and offer expert legal knowledge. Fortunately, Darren M. Shapiro endeavors to perfect this balance after being admitted to the bar over fifteen years ago. Since he opened the doors of his own office he has specialized in the realms of matrimonial and family law. Known for consistently offering high standards of professionalism and quality when representing clients, Mr. Shapiro personally tailors his approach to each case to try to provide the representation most beneficial to his clients' interests.

Because the sphere of family law is generally rife with emotions, it is particularly important for clients to feel comforted by the care, discretion and respect that their attorneys show in dealing with each case. Residents of Hicksville who approach Darren Shapiro will be able to sit down and discuss their case in a secure environment, whether they plan to attempt uncontested divorce through mediation, collaborative law, litigation or settlement negotiations.

When it comes to matrimonial and family law, it's fair to say that every case is different for its own specific reasons. However, regardless of the circumstances, all clients will be able to access the representation and professional assistance that they need to make their case as simple as possible. Though matters regarding family law are very rarely simple, the right mediator or attorney can serve to improve a complex situation, making difficult matters much more manageable whether you live in Hicksville, Long Island or elsewhere in New York.

Residents in Hicksville

Hicksville is a census-designated place and hamlet located in Nassau County, in the town of Oyster Bay. The 2010 census revealed that the population of the area was 41,547 at this time, and our research revealed information from city-data.com showing that 58.3% of that number is married, while 4.9% are divorced.

Though he has been practicing law throughout New York City, the surrounding areas, and Long Island for a number of years, our current highest volume of cases is in Nassau County. Hicksville residents usually will end up filing their cases in the Nassau County courts.

Of course, using numbers to determine how likely divorce may be is a tricky concept. Often, it is far more beneficial to consider the fact that divorce is a possibility regardless of where you call home. No matter how strong a marriage may seem, any relationship can suffer a break that causes the marriage to fall apart, necessitating a divorce. Though the process of a divorce can be emotionally draining, the right attorney works to make the procedure as simple as painless as possible, and that is one of the things that Darren M. Shapiro aims to do.

Dealing with Divorce

It doesn't matter which partner initiates the divorce procedure, it is still important for you to bring your marriage to an equitable closure, with the help of your attorney or mediator. Divorce does not become a simple process just because you are at amicable terms with your spouse, or feel as though you don't have any qualms about dividing property. Perhaps one of the most important aspects to successfully moving through a divorce is making sure that you are educated and informed every step of the way. Darren M. Shapiro works with you to develop a strategy or plan, which allows you to come out of your divorce feeling stronger, and ready to move on with your life.

Ending a marriage facilitates a number of major adjustments, and previous partners can find themselves suffering with overwhelming confusion and conflict. When children are involved, attempting to find ways in which the conflict can be minimized can be essential. Because of this, some people choose to approach their divorce using professional mediation. Though this course of action is not always right for every couple, Darren Shapiro is a trained mediator. As an attorney he works to protect the best interest of his client, regardless of the route the process may take. He understands that although divorce can be a stressful concept for any couple, the process becomes much more complicated when children are also involved.

Part of the reason why it is more difficult to manage a divorce involving children, is that clients and attorneys need to come together and consider further matters, such as child support, visitation and more. Fortunately, Mr. Shapiro has many years of experience in managing and dealing with these issues in effective and efficient terms.

Finding the Right Representation

Regardless of the unique circumstances that may surround your divorce, it is important to know that you are accessing care and attention that is being tailored specifically to your legal needs. Our office is located in Nassau County, New York, just down the road from Hicksville, so as to offer locality and convenience to our clients. The office itself is only three miles away from the Nassau County Family Court and a short ride from the Supreme Court of Nassau County, both of which Mr. Shapiro has extensive experience in dealing with.

Using knowledge that has been honed over more than a decade of dedicated professionalism, Mr. Shapiro guides his clients through all of stages and complications regularly associated with matters of family law or divorce. What's more, he will endeavor to discuss each detail with you, so that you feel thoroughly informed about each step of the procedure. A trained collaborative attorney, certified mediator, and professional litigator, Mr. Shapiro offers his services for reasonable, competitive rates, to anyone in need of legal assistance.

If you currently live within Hicksville, and you feel as though you might benefit from educating yourself further about the different aspects of family law and divorce cases, then please visit our blog and other website pages. If you would like to learn more about us, and how our previous clients have felt about using our services, feel free to read some of the testimonials that we have collected at the same location.

If you have any questions, or you would simply like to discuss setting up a time for your free consultation, then please get in touch with us via telephone at: (516) 333-6555, by using our contact form or email Darren directly.

Client Reviews
"Darren Shapiro did an outstanding job with case he was hired for. His price was reasonable and his actions were effective in this case. I would hire this Lawyer again and highly recommend his services." Anonymous
“Darren was excellent in court and able to negotiate a fair settlement in my Child support case.” Anonymous
“Hands down, he is the best att'y I have ever dealt with. He is thorough, objective, and above all, extremely dedicated.” Anonymous