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Great Neck, Nassau County Child Custody Lawyer

Understanding Child Testimony Divorce is never an easy process for anyone. Whether your relationship is ending on amicable terms or not, it’s still difficult to sort through your assets and debts so that you can start a new life and leave an important relationship behind you. A wedding isn’t just a big party, and marriage has a way of entwining two people’s lives together on a deeper level than they realize.

When you get married, you link your debts and assets to another person in a way that can be very difficult to unravel if you decide to get divorced. One of the most complicated issues that you might have to address, is what happens to your children in terms of custody, visitation rights, and maintenance payments.

The best way to prepare yourself for the complexity of a divorce and the child custody issues that can arise, is to ensure that you’re working with the right lawyer. Child custody attorneys like Mr. Darren Shapiro who has experience not only dealing with your kind of cases, but addressing these issues in New York, Nassau County, and Great Neck, can be very helpful.

For residents of Great Neck, Nassau County, Mr. Darren Shapiro offers a convenient and local solution or addressing a range of potential divorce issues.

Child Custody Lawyers in Great Neck

For residents of Great Neck, Nassau County, a local attorney like Mr Darren Shapiro is a powerful tool in navigating the complicated agreements that need to be addressed during a divorce. Your child custody lawyers will be able to help you understand the issues that may arise at the end of a relationship, from how you’re going to handle parenting rights, to what you need to know about support and maintenance payments.

When parents get a divorce in Great Neck, Nassau County, even a no-fault divorce can be more complicated, because everyone involved in the case must consider the best interests of any children involved. As a local Nassau County, Great Neck child custody attorney, Mr. Shapiro can answer the questions that you have about your case and give you the guidance you need to pursue the outcomes that you believe are best for your children, and yourself.

Great Neck, a region within the Long Island area of New York, includes 9 villages in total, including the “Great Neck village”. As Wikipedia tells us, this part of Nassau County has a population of around 9,989 at the point of the 2010 census, and that there were around 3,346 households in total, around 63.9% of which were accommodated by a married couple. Around 36.6% of those households included children under the age of 18.

Further research into the demographics of Great Neck, in New York shows that divorce is a very real possibility for people who live anywhere in New York, or indeed throughout the United States. City-data.com notes that only 28.3% of the population has never been married, and 61.6% are married currently. 4.8% of the residents in Great Neck are divorced, while 0.4% are separated.

Finding Your Great Neck Child Custody Attorney

No matter where you live in the United States, or New York, there’s always a chance that your marriage might not go exactly according to plan. When this happens, it’s important to make sure that you have access to the right assistance from an experienced legal professional. Mr. Darren Shapiro has been working within Nassau County and Great Neck for more than 20 years, which makes him an excellent choice for people in search of a local attorney.

As a Great Neck child custody lawyer, Darren Shapiro knows how the local courts work, and can offer extensive guidance to help you with everything from drafting documents, to standing up for yourself during litigation trials. The convenient placement of Mr. Shapiro’s office on the Jericho Turnpike in Nassau County makes him an easy-to-visit professional for those who want to discuss their case face-to-face.

Mr. Shapiro also offers flexible thirty-minute consultations for free, to help people seeking the right support for their child custody cases to determine which next step they should take. Whether you want to visit him in person, or arrange a video call, Mr. Shapiro has a variety of ways to connect with the locals of Great Neck and Nassau County.

A Reliable Child Custody Lawyer in Great Neck

Capable of supporting clients with cases covering everything from child maintenance to parenting time, Mr. Darren Shapiro ensures that residents of Great Neck can start their new lives on the right track. While dealing with the complexities of the end of a marriage, and the child custody issues that may arise as a result will never be easy, Mr. Shapiro helps to reduce the number of problems that clients may need to overcome to reach the best outcomes for their needs.

Mr. Shapiro can also offer support for couples considering a separation instead of a divorce, or couples who aren’t married, but still need to a way to deal with parenting issues when their relationship ends.

If you find that litigation isn’t the ideal choice for your needs, Mr. Shapiro can also help with drafting documents to present to the court as part of a mediation or collaborative law process. There are various forms of alternative dispute resolution available today for couples that may want to spend as much time out of the Nassau County courts. However, remember that residents oof Great Neck will have to have their agreements approved by the courts for matters of child custody, as the best interests of the children must always be considered by the courts.

No matter what your divorce strategy in Great Neck, Nassau County might look like, Mr. Shapiro is on hand to answer any questions you might have, and generate a personalized, and local approach to addressing your case. If you’re concerned about tackling your child custody case, or you need to address other complexities associated with divorce, reach out to Mr. Shapiro today.

You can get in touch via the online contact form or through a phone call to (516) 333-6555 to arrange your free (up to the first thirty minutes is free) initial consultation in-person, by call, or via video chat.

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"Darren Shapiro did an outstanding job with case he was hired for. His price was reasonable and his actions were effective in this case. I would hire this Lawyer again and highly recommend his services." Anonymous
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