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Garden City

Nassau County - Garden City

Garden City Garden City is a village located within the town of Hempstead, in New York, and makes up part of central Nassau County. According to information taken from Wikipedia.com in 1896, Garden City was first founded by the multi-millionaire known as Alexander Turney Stewart. The location can be found just to the East of New York City, on Long Island, approximately 18.5 miles away from mid-town Manhattan, and slightly south of the town of North Hempstead. Indeed, Garden City and North Hempstead are so closely connected that a small portion of the Garden City Village is actually located within North Hempstead.

The census conducted in 2010 revealed that the population of the incorporated village of Garden City was 22,371. Although the name is applied to a number of additional nearby jurisdictions and unincorporated locations, hamlets such as Garden City Park remain adjacent to the village, but not a part of it. Nearby, residents can find Mr. Darren M. Shapiro's Nassau County office located on the Jericho Turnpike. Situated a convenient distance from the Nassau County Family and Supreme courts, Mr. Shapiro works to provide professional and carefully tailored representation to individuals in need of legal counsel. Whether you reside in Garden City, or are local to Nassau County, you can approach Mr. Shapiro for the highest quality of legal care at reasonable rates.

According to the 2010 census, Garden City is made up of approximately 7,386 households. Out of that amount, approximately 36.1% were families with children under the age of eighteen, whereas 69.8% were married couples, 7.5% were single females, and 20.7% were non-family groups. Of all households, 19.2% were made up of people living alone, leading to an average household size of around 2.83. Since then, our research into City-data.com has revealed that 61.3% of Garden city residents are married, whereas 1.1% are separated, 28.0% have never been married, and 3.1% are divorced. According to realtor.com, the amount of married people with Garden City is 4% than the ratio for Nassau County.

Over more than fifteen years, Mr. Darren M. Shapiro Esq. has been honing and enhancing his experience within the realms of family law. Working as a certified mediator, a trained collaborative lawyer and fierce litigator, Mr. Shapiro has worked alongside numerous clients throughout various detailed and complex cases to pursue the outcome most suitable to their best interests. Across Long Island and New York City, Mr. Shapiro has developed his understanding of matrimonial and family law, however he has found that the largest volume of his cases generally come from the Supreme or Family courts located within Nassau County at this time.

The work that we regularly conduct within the Nassau County area has given Mr. Darren Shapiro the opportunity to develop a deep and resounding understanding of the court rooms and legal practices respected within the location. As a result, he is thoroughly equipped to help guide you through the legal process of your local court when you are located in Garden City or surrounding Nassau County areas. When he first began practice law in January of 1999, Darren M. Shapiro made a name for himself as an associate in various Nassau County law offices. Since then, he has continued to educate himself and practice his skills within the legal industry. Today, Mr. Shapiro offers guidance and professional assistance to clients from his own office, which is conveniently located within the city of Jericho, in Nassau County.

As an educated and experienced legal professional, Mr. Darren Shapiro has the knowledge and objectivity to ensure that you receive the best quality of care throughout your legal proceedings. However, although he will always endeavor to guide you towards the outcome that supports your best interests, Mr. Shapiro also respects and understands the emotions that can run rampant throughout family law cases. We understand that matters regarding family law are always complex and highly emotional. To ensure that you feel comfortable making educated and informed decisions throughout the management of your case, Mr. Shapiro will speak extensively to you about the various legal options that you can pursue during your divorce, family case or matrimonial law matter. We will endeavor to inform you about the venues that are available to choose between, the proceedings you might consider, and the courts you should approach. Our office will also lay out the various advantages and disadvantages associated with each route, so that you feel confident making your personal decision.

Mr. Shapiro and his legal firm ensure that they work tirelessly to provide excellent and high-quality representation for all clients involved in legal cases regarding matrimonial disputes, separations and family law. Although the primary bulk of our cases are associated to separation and divorce, Mr. Darren Shapiro also has the capacity and expertise to help guide you through various avenues of the legal sphere. Regardless of what your circumstances may be, or the process that you choose to apply in dealing with them, Mr. Shapiro's experience as a collaborative divorce lawyer, professional litigator and trained mediator ensures that you will be able to access the skills most appropriate to your legal needs.

There are moments in life that can be incredibly difficult to deal with, and then there are moments that require the professional assistance of someone beyond your current support network. Mr. Darren Shapiro delivers the legal guidance that you need to move through difficult situations as painlessly as possible. Regardless of what may have lead your need for legal intervention, we recognize that issues of family law can quickly upturn various areas of your life, leaving you in a state of confusion and chaos. In these times, it's more important than ever to know you have an attorney that you can trust at your side; one that not only understands the various nuances of your case, but is also fully familiar with the resources and courts you will be dealing with throughout the legal process. Mr. Darren Shapiro offers support every step of the way, so that you feel defended and informed throughout the entire of your divorce, custody issue or other family matter.

If you are located within Garden City or are local to the Nassau County area, please contact us to learn more about the services that we can provided to you. To educate yourself further about legal proceedings, family law and divorce, please read through our various blog posts at: www.longislandfamilylawandmediation.com. For further direction regarding accessing a family attorney or professional mediator, please contact Mr. Darren Shapiro Esq. at (516) 333-6555 or by email or our contact form. We look forward to speaking with you about your case.

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