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Floral Park

Floral Park, Nassau County, New York

Floral Park Located partially in Nassau County, and partially in Queens County, Floral Park is an Incorporated Village in New York, on Long Island. Originally, the area that is now known as Floral Park marked the most western edge of the huge Hempstead Plains, and was first known as "Plainfield". Throughout the 1800s, small villages and farms dominated the area, with the development of the Long Island Rail Road Hempstead Branch and Jericho Turnpike connecting one part of Nassau County to the next. Still on the western border of Nassau County, Floral park today is a stunning and scenic part of suburban Queens and Long Island that continues to live up to its name. Families throughout New York flock here for the wonderful parks, low taxes, and incredible schools.

Not only is Floral Park conveniently close to hotels, shopping centers, libraries, and a wonderful school district, but it's location also makes it ideally situated for individuals who hope to access legal assistance. Darren M. Shapiro, Esq. a family lawyer who began practicing law in Nassau County during 1999, has opened his own office situated on Jericho Turnpike, off of Exit 40 of the Long Island Expressway, or moments from Exit 34 of the Northern State Parkway. Regardless of what you might need to access the expertise of Mr. Shapiro for, it can be helpful to know that there is an experienced local professional on hand to guide you through the various complex nuances of law. From his professionally maintained and welcoming office, Mr. Shapiro dedicates himself to offering personalized assistance and guidance to those in need of matrimonial and family law assistance at comparatively reasonable rates.

Data posted on Wikipedia about the 2010 census for Floral Park suggests that the population at that time was around 15,863. Before that, in the 2000 census, Wikipedia recorded that there were 15,967 people, 5770 households, and a total of 4,258 families within the village. Of those households, 60.9% were married couples, whereas only 9.9% consisted of female householders without a husband present. Further research into the incorporated village of Floral Park finds that city-data.com suggests a current number of 57% married couples, and only 5.8% divorced residents. On the other hand, Realtor.com indicates that the total percentage of married people within Floral Park is currently around 4% higher than the typical ratio for Nassau County on a whole.

Though learning more about the percentages and figures associated with family life in your local area can help you to feel less isolated when dealing with matters of family law, nothing is quite as valuable as having access to nearby assistance, which can help you to move through the complications of dealing with either the family, or Supreme Court. Mr. Darren M. Shapiro has worked resiliently to enhance his skills since officially being admitted into law in the year 1999. Because of this, he offers all of his clients as much information as possible when helping them to make decisions about their legal needs, and pursuing their best interests. During his time as a mediator and legal practitioner, Mr. Shapiro has worked on various cases throughout Long Island and New York. Today, however, the majority of his cases come from Nassau County - a circumstance that has allowed him to learn the particularities and details of the local courts, so as to help his clients understand their local legal practices.

When he first began exploring his place within the realm of law, Mr. Shapiro lived in Floral Park and worked as an associate in numerous legal offices throughout Nassau County. Somewhere between 2004, and 2005, he began to focus more heavily on aspects of family and matrimonial law, and since then, Mr. Shapiro strives to ensure that he offers all of his clients the very best in legal expertise, representing each individual to the best of his ability, regardless of the details of the case. Though many of his cases involve divorce, Mr. Shapiro is highly capable of offering legal guidance within various different matters, from custody, child support, orders of protection, adoption, separation and name changes to name a few.

Over more than fifteen years of experience as a lawyer and over a decade within the realms of matrimonial and family law has given Mr. Shapiro a deeper understanding of the emotions and complications that typically come into play during these cases. By their very nature, cases of family law can lead to disruptions and ill feelings between clients, which quickly lead to further complications - particularly as most of the time, individuals do not agree on the best courses of action or desired results. Fortunately, Mr. Shapiro has the skills and experience required to help you pursue your best interests within the fullest extent of the law, explaining each path and alternate route that may be available to you along the way.

With sympathy and understanding, Mr. Shapiro helps his client’s from Floral Park, Nassau County and elsewhere to understand the various details they will need to address during their cases, as well as the numerous avenues and options that may be available to them during the pursuit of their aims. For instance, some partners who would be prefer to bring their relationship to a close in more peaceful terms may consider trying mediation over divorce litigation, as mediation helps to resolve issues without the frustration and strain associated with litigation. However, although Mr. Shapiro, as a certified mediator, is able to help all individuals for whom mediation is a reasonable choice, it's important to remember that this course of action will not be possible for everyone.

Legal cases that relate to families and relationships are never going to be simple, or without emotional problems, but it can help to know that with the right legal support by your side, the process can be far less damaging to deal with. Whether you live in Floral Park yourself, or are simply local to the area of Nassau County, Suffolk County, Queens County or the surrounding areas, please feel free to reach out to Mr. Shapiro and ask any questions you may have. To explore the legal services available, get in touch through our contact forms or call at: (516) 333-6555. For those that would like to learn more about family law cases, please feel free to browse through our blog. It will be our pleasure to speak with you.

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"Darren Shapiro did an outstanding job with case he was hired for. His price was reasonable and his actions were effective in this case. I would hire this Lawyer again and highly recommend his services." Anonymous
“Darren was excellent in court and able to negotiate a fair settlement in my Child support case.” Anonymous
“Hands down, he is the best att'y I have ever dealt with. He is thorough, objective, and above all, extremely dedicated.” Anonymous