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Flexible Mediation (Online and In-Person) for Rockland and New York State

Rockland County Virtual or In Person Divorce MediationUltimately, divorce will always be a complex and emotional experience. When you choose to end your marriage, there are number of decisions that need to be made, and steps to take to separate your life from your soon-to-be-ex partner’s. While lawyer-to-lawyer negotiation and litigation are common ways to manage the divorce process, there are other alternatives.

In Rockland County, divorce mediation gives couples a less stressful, and potentially less-time consuming alternative to litigation. Mr. Darren Shapiro, an experienced family law attorney, offers mediation as a potential “alternative dispute resolution” method for clients throughout New York State. His unique blend of local knowledge, legal experience, and friendly approach to supporting his clients has made him a valuable resource for many Rockland County residents.

If you believe mediation could help you avoid spending long hours in court, and preserve more control over your choices, here’s why Mr. Shapiro could be the ideal mediator for you.

Local Knowledge and Support for Rockland County

Often, when searching for support with divorce mediation, clients find themselves looking for local professionals who understand the unique challenges they face, and the legal landscape. Mr. Shapiro grew up in Rockland County, New York City, and spent most of his life in the region, before eventually moving to Long Island when he got his first job with a law firm.

Today, Mr. Shapiro lives in Suffolk County, just a short distance from Rockland County. His office in Jericho, Nassau County is also just a short drive away for Rockland residents. Mr Shapiro has also spent many days exploring Rockland County himself. The region, known for the Hudson river and its beautiful landscape, is one of the most densely populated counties beyond New York City.

Having spent his childhood in the region, Mr. Shapiro has had endless opportunities to explore it’s world-leading parks and tourist attractions. What’s more, as a New York family lawyer, he’s had the chance to work within the Supreme and Family Courts of Rockland County, with a range of clients.

His intimate knowledge of the local area, combined with his history as a family lawyer, make Mr. Shapiro a unique resource for residents of Rockland County. What’s more, because he offers both face-to-face and virtual mediation sessions through Zoom, clients have more control over how they navigate the process. It’s even possible to electronically file uncontested divorce document, after a settlement is reached through mediation, reducing the complexity for clients.

Your Rockland Advocate for Divorce Mediation

As a family law and divorce attorney, with years of experience in New York, Mr. Shapiro has seen plenty of situations that require a traditional approach to divorce, relying on litigation. However, he has also had an opportunity to see the benefits mediation can offer to many couples.

Even before the New York courts implemented the concept of “presumptive divorce mediation”, Mr. Shapiro was advocating for mediation as a powerful method of alternative dispute resolution. When he was admitted to the State Bar of New York in 1999, he embarked on a professional journey which allowed him to view the divorce process from various different angles.

Mr. Shapiro found his passion for family law working with the Suffolk County Assigned Panel, and was inspired to open his own office, first in Suffolk County, followed by an office in Nassau County. After working as an attorney for a number of years, he decided to invest in mediation training, to deliver alternative dispute resolution services to his clients. Over the years, mediation has proven to be a popular option for many couples working with Mr. Shapiro.

However, ever since the pandemic, many couples have requested a more flexible approach, asking for consultations and sessions to be conducted over Zoom. By offering these flexible mediation sessions, Mr. Shapiro has ensured he can continue to conveniently support residents of Rockland County, as well as couples located all throughout New York.

Flexible and Comprehensive Divorce Mediation Services

Mr. Shapiro’s experience in the world of family law has given him a direct insight into just how different couples and their divorce journeys can be. He believes that flexibility is crucial for his clients. That’s why he doesn’t just offer the option of virtual or in-person services, but also adapts his methodologies and strategies to suit each client.

Mr. Shapiro’s office supports clients through each stage of the mediation journey, from initial discussions to the point when it’s time to file uncontested documents with the courts. During this process, he utilizes various methods to facilitate productive conversations between clients. For instance, interest-based negotiation techniques ensure Mr. Shapiro’s clients have a chance to outline their priorities and express concerns before agreements are implemented.

Using facilitative mediation methods, like open-ended questioning, Mr. Shapiro can objectively guide his clients through discussions, helping them to discover opportunities for compromise, and overcome potential roadblocks. What’s more, because Mr. Shapiro has a long history as a family attorney, he can use his knowledge of the legal space in evaluative mediation techniques.

This means he can help his clients to see the weaknesses and strengths of their cases and arguments, reducing the risk that decisions will ultimately be left to the discretion of the courts. Overall, this comprehensive and flexible approach ensures every couple working with Mr. Shapiro gets an experience tailored to their best interests.

Start Your Mediation Journey in Rockland County

Through the years, Mr. Shapiro’s experiences both as a family law attorney and divorce mediator has shown him first-hand just how valuable the mediation process can be. Many clients have found this approach to dispute resolution to be more convenient, less time-consuming, and even less expensive than standard litigation.

If you’re interested in exploring the potential advantages of mediation yourself, Mr. Shapiro’s flexible in-person and virtual sessions could be ideal for you. Wherever you are in Rockland County, you can easily begin your mediation journey with Mr. Shapiro’s office.

Reach out to the team today via the contact form or phone number on this website, to arrange your initial consultation with yourself and your partner.

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"Darren Shapiro did an outstanding job with case he was hired for. His price was reasonable and his actions were effective in this case. I would hire this Lawyer again and highly recommend his services." Anonymous
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“Hands down, he is the best att'y I have ever dealt with. He is thorough, objective, and above all, extremely dedicated.” Anonymous