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East Meadow

East Meadow, Nassau County Divorce Attorney

Suffolk County Divorce Lawyer People commonly cite what seems to be an inaccurate statistic that about 50% of marriages end in divorce. That can make anyone feel nervous about their ability to preserve a marriage. However, the truth is that while divorce has become more of a common concept in the Western world, you aren't necessarily more likely to end up divorced in the modern age. Long Island and Nassau County happen to have some of the lowest divorce rates in the United States according to Statista.com.

The truth is that divorce is a complicated thing, and not something you can predict by simply looking at the latest census bureau information for your area. If you do find yourself going through a divorce in East Meadow, Nassau County, it won't help you to know that according to Wikipedia, there are currently 38,132 people living around you who could be going through a similar thing. What does help, is the knowledge that you have a dedicated and knowledgeable divorce attorney nearby to guide you through the complicated parts of your case.

Finding a Nassau County Divorce Lawyer in East Meadow

Ultimately, while some marriages last a lifetime, others don't work out as well as you might have hoped. Even if you commit all your time and effort to improving your relationship or fixing the problems you've had with your spouse in the past, you might find that the only real way forward, is to file for a no-fault divorce (which does not necessarily mean uncontested as it is only uncontested when everything is agreed upon or decided) with the courts of Nassau County. If that's the case for you, then the best thing you can do is make sure that you have the support of an attorney to guide you on everything from equitable distribution to spousal maintenance and other crucial agreements. Fortunately, Attorney Darren Shapiro is here to support the residents of East Meadow, Nassau County and beyond.

Located only a stone's throw away, off of Jericho Turnpike in Nassau County, Darren Shapiro is highly familiar with Nassau County, East Meadow, and the family and supreme court that serve it. This means that he has both he experience and knowledge to attempt to make you feel as comfortable and confident as possible when you approach your divorce case. After all, while the right Nassau County divorce attorney might not be able to transform your divorce into a simple process, they can at least make sure that you have all of the answers to your most pressing questions.

East Meadow, an unincorporated area in Hempstead, is a diverse and beautiful space, ideal for people who commute frequently to Manhattan. According to City-data.com, East Meadow has an average divorce rate of around 6.9%. On the other half, the percentage of married people in the space is 52.7%. It's also particularly close by, which means that clients can quickly drop into the law and mediation office of Darren Shapiro to discuss the details of their case.

A Local East Meadow Child Custody Attorney

A Nassau County divorce attorney like Darren Shapiro can help clients throughout East Meadow to tackle even the most complicated parts of divorce and separation. For instance, he can discuss how you plan to divide your assets among yourself and your ex-partner, and who should be able to claim the house after the divorce is completed. Particularly crucial for parties with children, Attorney Shapiro is also a child custody lawyer, which makes him the ideal partner for those who need to address concerns with things like visitation orders and parenting time.

Although attorney Shapiro deals with multiple aspects of family law, one of his most common cases centre around divorce and the complications that arise when a marriage comes to an end. For residents of East Meadow, this means that Attorney Shapiro can be on hand to guide you through all of the elements of your divorce case, whether you're concerned about property division and maintenance payments, or you need to make sure that you walk away with full custody of your children. Attorney Shapiro can even go beyond traditional litigation and offer his clients other methods of dispute resolution to negotiate through their cases. For instance, Attorney Shapiro is an experienced litigator, a trained collaborative lawyer, and a mediator.

Mediation and collaborative law can offer an attractive alternative solution for residents of East Meadow, Nassau County who need to bring an end to their marriage without burning bridges with their ex-spouse. Mediation provides a safe space for you and your ex to discuss the end of your divorce with the support of a third-party who doesn't take anyone's side. Once you come to an agreement about things like maintenance and asset distribution with a mediator like Darren Shapiro, it will be possible to draft your settlement into a document that can be sent to the New York courts for approval. On the other hand, collaborative law will allow you to seek the input and support of additional professionals or experts when coming to decisions about your future. For instance, many collaborative law cases include participation from financial neutrals and psychological neutrals.

Reach Out to Your East Meadow Divorce Attorney

Though no-one can remove the stress and heartache from a divorce case, attorneys like Mr. Shapiro can at least make sure that you have a local source of support on hand to guide you through some of the most complex parts of your case. With a local divorce lawyer to guide you, you'll be able to answer some of your most pressing and worrisome questions quickly and handle the various complications of divorce with the right attitude. Whether you live in East Meadow or nearby, feel free to contact Attorney Shapiro at your earliest convenience to discuss the nature of your divorce and any surrounding circumstances.

You can call to schedule your appointment to come in to the office on JerichoTurnpike in Jericho, Nassau County, or you can contact his team via telephone at (516) 333-6555 to arrange for your free initial 30-minute consultation appointment.

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"Darren Shapiro did an outstanding job with case he was hired for. His price was reasonable and his actions were effective in this case. I would hire this Lawyer again and highly recommend his services." Anonymous
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“Hands down, he is the best att'y I have ever dealt with. He is thorough, objective, and above all, extremely dedicated.” Anonymous