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Costs of a Traditional Divorce vs. New York Mediation

Mediation Dealing with the complexity of a New York divorce is never an easy process. Both spouses can encounter a lot of difficult feelings and issues that they need to overcome. In many circumstances, the strain of litigation and the discomfort associated with presenting a case in front of the New York courts can add to the feelings of anxiety that today's divorce parties face. However, the good news is that there is an alternative option available for some spouses.

Attorney Darren Shapiro not only offers excellent litigation options to his clients, but he also provides couples that together are open to working with him as a neutral divorce mediator, a different option. Divorce mediator Darren Shapiro offers the possibility of New York divorce mediation too – an effective and dignified form of dispute resolution. New York divorce mediation is often a good choice for people in a divorce case who feel do not feel comfortable litigating in court over certain aspects of their future, including things like equitable distribution, parenting time, spousal maintenance and so on. New York mediation provides a fantastic alternative to the stress and expense of a typical divorce.

The Costs of Filing for Divorce

As anyone who has dealt with the discomfort of a New York divorce in the past knows, there are more than just emotional costs to bear. A divorce can be an expensive process. Filing for the end of your marriage is a process that requires numerous fees. From the legal fees that must be handled by each party to ensure good representation, to trial preparation time, discovery, motions, and court appearances, the complexities of a New York divorce can quickly add up to an expensive procedure. Additionally, on top of all the costs, there's also the time associated with a traditional divorce to consider. Most of the time the process can last anywhere between six months, to a year and beyond.

Divorce mediation is a fantastic alternative to standard litigation, offered by professionals like Lawyer and Divorce Mediator Darren Shapiro. As both a trained mediator and divorce litigator, Attorney Shapiro can provide solutions for people who want to avoid the standard court process. The mediation process can be a lot less stressful than a typical divorce, as it focuses on negotiation and collaboration. Together, the two parties involved sit down with a neutral third-party mediator like Darren Shapiro and come to terms about relevant issues in the divorce. For instance, they may need to discuss how assets will be distributed, child custody and parenting time, or how certain expenses will be met going forward. Once an agreement can be reached between both of the parties involved, a divorce mediator like Attorney Shapiro can help the couple take the next step to send their information into the courts.

The Mediation Procedure vs. Traditional Divorce

The end result of a divorce mediation experience is often the same as if the couple involved had gone through the court system in the traditional manner. The biggest difference is that there are usually no appearances in the court, and the couple can often save a lot of time and money. Of course, there will still be some fees to consider whether you're obtaining a divorce through mediation, or the traditional litigation option. For a New York divorce, costs can include the legal fees for both parties, and there's also a fee for divorce mediation. However, because both parties work together with the same mediator, there is only one fee for both parties to consider, rather than the expenses of two separate litigation attorneys.

One of the extra expenses, but useful forms of support that Divorce Mediator Shapiro recommends for the parties that work with him is a review attorney. Review attorneys can help both parties to understand their legal rights in the divorce procedure and make the most out of their experience with mediation. Review attorneys can even make suggestions regarding the agreement formed during a negotiation. Not everyone takes him up on that recommendation because they feel they have educated themselves on the issues and want to save the expense, but it is a recommended, though not mandatory, step.

If you're in the process of considering a divorce filing, then you might find that it's a good idea to avoid the stress of traditional litigation entirely and consider a different route. New York divorce mediation can be an excellent alternative for many couples, particularly when they have the support of a local and experienced divorce mediator like Attorney Shapiro. Darren Shapiro has spent 2 decades practicing law and has focused on matrimonial and family law since he opened his own office in 2005. He has worked on many divorce mediation and divorce cases, making him an excellent form of assistance in any divorce case.

For those who feel that divorce mediation may be the right option for them, Darren Shapiro recommends booking an initial consultation of up to thirty minutes for both spouses. This initial consultation will be free and may help you to determine how mediation can help you to navigate the complex issues of a New York Divorce. To learn more about your options and find out how you may be able to save more money in your divorce procedure, contact Attorney Shapiro at your earliest convenience. You can reach Attorney Shapiro’s office at (516) 333-6555 or use our contact form today!

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