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Child Custody Matters in Cedarhurst, Nassau County

A village located in Nassau County, New York towards the Southern shore of Long Island, Cedarhurst is named after a grove of trees that once thrived by the post office. Situated within the town of Hempstead, the village of Cedarhurst is incorporated and regarded by many to be a peaceful and beautiful place to live.

However, like any town in any part of the world, the residents of Cedarhurst must deal with a number of complex issues during their lives, from the potential of divorce, to the matters that arrive following that divorce. For instance, many divorcing couples across Nassau County find that they are unsure regarding their legal rights towards their children, and often worry that they will not be able to achieve a reasonable amount of parenting time through a family court custody case or after a divorce is finalized. Fortunately, due to his years of experience dealing with matters of visitation, custody, and parenting time, Mr. Darren M. Shapiro is able to offer a wide range of knowledge, services, and representation to the clients in need throughout Nassau County, and the surrounding areas - including the residents of Cedarhurst.

His extensive experience in this complicated area of family law has allowed Mr. Shapiro a better understanding of the various hurdles that can be encountered during the divorce and custody arrangement progress. For instance, while schedules for custody can be established through collaboration and mediation in some instances, others may require Mr. Shapiro to engage in aggressive litigation. Fortunately, because he has training as a collaborative law attorney and mediator, Mr. Shapiro is able to explain the negatives and advantages of each method for negotiation method while answering any questions you may have regarding the issue of child custody. Although, it should be noted that all consultations for mediating couples are done with the couple together as Mr. Shapiro is neutral when acting as a mediator and in most instances does not talk to either side individually.

Child Custody and Parenting Time in Cedarhurst

Since the census of 2000, Wikipedia reports that there was a population of around 6,164 people, 2,289 households, and 1,636 families living within the village of Cedarhurst. Of those many households, approximately 31.5% included children beneath the age of 18. Further research into Cedarhurst through Citydata.com suggests that only 52.3% of the entire population is currently married, whereas 6.7% are divorced. This means that numerous people will be faced with issues of visitation and custody agreements following a divorce.

As many people are already aware, child custody matters that take place in New York may include questions of physical custody, which answer the question of where the child will reside, and legal custody - which gives individuals the right to determine important decisions regarding the child, such as where he or she goes to school, their healthcare, and religion. In particular circumstances, the parents may decide to engage in collaborative processes or mediation in an effort to mutually agree upon an arrangement of child custody that works for both their child and themselves. With the presence of an experienced child custody attorney or trained mediator such as Mr. Shapiro available, the agreements can then be drafted and presented to the court in a matter capable of withstanding any scrutiny.

If the custody issue in question cannot be resolved between the parents during a period of mediation, or an agreement that is settled outside of the court, then litigation may be used to ask a judge to decide the custody agreement. Importantly, as Mr. Shapiro reminds his clients, the primary factor that will determine any decision regarding children, custody and visitation rights are what the court regards to be in the "best interests of the child".

Mr. Shapiro has had numerous years of experience dealing with matters involving children, and families attempting to find their feet after a divorce. As such, he understands that people in the process of a custody matter need as much information and guidance as possible to help them through the difficult stages that follow. Fortunately for people located within Cedarhurst, Mr. Shapiro's office is located close-by, in a convenient position within Nassau County. It is possible to find Mr. Shapiro's office at 99 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 300-G, 111753 New York. For extra help finding it, you simply need to take exit 34 from the Northern State Parkway, or Exit 40 off the Long Island Expressway. Keep in mind that Mr. Shapiro's office is not only convenient, but equipped to handle a host of legal cases, from divorces to matters of visitation, child custody, and parenting time.

Importantly, Mr. Shapiro endeavors to give clients from Cedarhurst, and anywhere else for that matter, all of the information they need to be prepared for each stage of the legal procedure. His aim is to make the legal experience as quick and stress free as possible, which is why he offers reliable representation to all of his clients at a reasonable rate. He will even speak to you about the different routes that you can take towards your final decision, to ensure that the process you choose is perfectly tailored to your specific situation. After all, dealing with matters of custody and visitation is difficult for everyone involved, from the children who want to make sure they get time with their parents, to the parents who are fighting to keep a hold on their children.

You know that parenting time with your child should be a serious matter to consider following a divorce or separation. That's why it would be helpful to have a convenient and helpful attorney by your side every step of the way. Nassau County has Darren M. Shapiro to offer, and Cedarhurst residents can speak to him about their options and rights regarding issues of visitation and child custody at their earliest convenience. Please call to discuss your situation with Mr. Darren Shapiro at (516) 333-6555, or contact us online to set up your consultation for free!

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