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Bringing Mindfulness Into Child Custody Cases and Litigation

Child custodySome people may decide the best move is to try to make their marriage work because they have kids with their partner. Others decide the best thing a couple can do when a relationship isn’t working, is move in their separate directions. When couples separate, a divorce attorney like Mr. Darren Shapiro can offer some much-needed support and guidance.

When a relationship with the other parent of your child comes to an end, it’s important to have the right strategy in place. Divorces between parents are often the most complicated because they require consideration of not just equitable distribution but child custody and visitation too. Working with an experienced child custody attorney ensures that you can consider all of the options available carefully, before choosing to pursue the solution that you believe is best for you and hopefully serves the best interests of your child.

In many divorce cases involving children, Mr. Shapiro notes that a common concern is figuring out the right way to share parenting time between both parents. It’s difficult to know whether it’s best to have a child living equally with both parents or whether one person should have primary custody. At the same time, it’s common for there to be some misalignment between the needs of both parents.

Looking at Various Options for Child Custody Litigation

The perspectives of two parents in a child custody case often differ because each parent has their own idea of what’s best for their child. Mr Darren M. Shapiro notes that true wisdom comes from being able to see the world from all perspectives. However, that’s rarely possible in an emotional situation like a divorce case. As a family attorney, Mr. Shapiro recommends a range of perspectives for both parenting time and child custody cases. In most situations, there are many insights to consider, including the perspective of the mother, the father, and even the children. A fourth perspective – often the most important in these cases – comes from the judge.

The children in many cases have distinct wants and needs that they want to be considered by the other people in the trial. At the same time, both the mother and father have their own hopes when it comes to things like parenting times and visitation. It’s often difficult in these situations to figure out the best way to go forward. Should parents show compassion towards each other, or use aggression to highlight that the other parent’s strategy isn’t suitable for the child?

Mr. Shapiro notes that all family law cases are filled with people who have their own best interests in mind. However, in the case of child custody litigation, it might be the best move to ensure that your requests align with the needs of the child or children. Putting your agenda to one side so you can address the needs of the children first can sometimes help the judge to see things in your favor. However, it can be important to ensure that you have help convincing someone that you have your child’s best interests at heart.

Throughout the years Mr. Shapiro has seen circumstances when acting aggressively towards the other parent has been appropriate. For instance, if one parent called child protective service to make patently false accusations against the other to simply try to gain advantage in a court case, this may lead to reasonable outrage in the case. However, sometimes it pays to demonstrate compassion too. Showing that you can see things from another person’s perspective can be greatly beneficial in these cases.

Taking a Mindful Approach to Child Custody Cases

Child custody cases are complicated at the best of times. With so many different perspectives to consider, it isn’t easy to know which approach is right at a glance. Each case has its own unique circumstances to consider. One option could be to adopt the perspective of the children when possible, to try and approach the situation in their shoes. Deepak Chopra, author of the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, says that you’ll know you’ve taken the right step when the move gives you a sense of peace.

If you feel peaceful after making your decision about how to pursue your case, this could be a sign that you’re going in the right direction. However, because cases vary according to the surrounding factors for a couple and their children, it’s not always easy to see which direction will generate the best results. Sometimes, both parties will need some extra support and guidance to help them progress through the experience. Other times, it will be helpful to start a divorce case with a mediation, where a third party can help to create a safe space to discuss options.

If you need help finding the right strategy for your child custody or visitation case, feel free to contact the office of Mr. Darren M. Shapiro today. You can connect by using his online form or contacting his office over the phone to arrange an initial consultation. Up to the first thirty minutes are free.

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