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Bellmore, Nassau County, New York Bellmore is both a census-designated place and hamlet located within the area of Nassau County, in New York according to Wikipedia. Found towards the southern shores of Long Island, around five miles away from the Jones Beach State Park, and 10 miles east from the Nassau-Queens Line, Bellmore is a suburb of New York City. Originally, the location was settled by Englishmen who cross the Long Island Sound from Connecticut in the seventeenth century. Today, the area is home to a thriving population of diverse and versatile people.

Bellmore, just like any other hamlet in any other part of New York, is populated by a range of people, and where there are people, there's always the opportunity for issues to arise regarding families, relationships, and disputes. Although we all do our best to avoid issues like custody battles, divorces, separations, and support battles, the truth is that many people are presented with problems like these to deal with at least once during their lives. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to avoid the family or supreme court their entire lives, although this office does alternative dispute resolution such as mediation, negotiation, and collaborative law in addition to litigation. Under one of the alternative methods people can avoid seeing the inside of a courtroom in their entire case altogether. Regardless of whether you're located in Bellmore, or one of the surrounding areas in Nassau County, if you find yourself facing an issue associated with family law, you're going to need a lot of support by your side. While your friends, family, and loved ones can help to keep you motivated during this difficult time, professional assistance from a nearby attorney or mediator can help to put your mind at rest that you're equipped with competent representation or an effective facilitator.

Mr. Darren. M. Shapiro Esq.'s office can be found conveniently situated on Jericho turnpike, a close distance from both the Nassau County Family Court, and the Nassau County Supreme Court. His welcoming and spacious conference room has been designed to offer personalized assistance to individuals who require legal assistance in various different forms, for reasonable rates. Regardless of whether you're searching for a collaborative lawyer, a trained mediator to help you settle your disputes in an amicable setting, or a ruthless litigator, Mr. Shapiro's office at 99 Jericho Turnpike, Suite 300-G, New York 111753, can help.

If you're feeling isolated in your case, then it might help to know that there are plenty of people who have dealt with the same, or similar circumstances to your own. According to Wikipedia.com, the census conducted in 2010 revealed that Bellmore has a population of around 16,218 people. Those people are further organized into a collection of 4,604 families, and 5,552 households residing in the CDP. Of the various households within Bellmore, the census found that a huge 74.3% were made up of married couples living together, and 36.3% also included children underneath the age of 18. Only 2.9% of householders were females without a husband, and 17.9% of all households were held by individuals. Since then, information provided by city-data.com has revealed that the numbers have changed somewhat. For example, only 58.7% of Bellmore residents are now married, while 5.2% are divorced, and 1.2% are separated.

The statistics in your local area can help you in knowing you're not alone when dealing with divorce and other family law matters. However, true value can come from knowing that you have easy access to an effective and welcoming family lawyer. Mr. Darren Shapiro has worked on a number of different cases since his admittance to the New York State bar in 1999. Today, he works within Nassau County itself, dealing with all aspects of family law, although a large number of cases are associated with divorce, this office handles all aspects of family law. The benefit of his local heritage is not only found in the convenience of visiting Mr. Shapiro, but also the fact that he has learned the nuances of most of the courts. He offers his clients a deeper understanding of the practices adopted in Nassau County, Long Island and beyond.

If you're in the middle of dealing with a family law issue, then it's worth noting that there will be some personal complications that are unique to you. All family law issues are different. For example, while one divorce may be solved amicably through the use of mediation that leads to calm negotiation over matters and concerns, another may leave no other option than litigation open for the clients involved. Regardless of what you're suffering with, Mr. Shapiro will provide guidance and insight into the various routes and procedures that are available to you, from the venues that you can attend to pursue your case, to the methods that you might be able to use in achieving your best interests. Because the issue of family law is emotional and complex, it's important to know that Mr. Shapiro's clients regard him to be a professional and friendly expert, who offers welcome advice to the people who choose to work with him - regardless of their case.

Though legal cases that consider issues in relationships and family law will never be simple, it's easy to see why having the right legal support by your side can make the process you deal with less frustrating. Whether you're headed to court in the pursuit of something to positively change your life, such as an adoption, or you're turning a new chapter in your own story by progressing through a divorce, requesting equitable distribution, or anything else, Mr. Shapiro is on hand to help.

Whether you live within Bellmore, or are located within the surrounding areas, please feel free to call for an appointment to drop into Mr. Shapiro's Nassau County office or get in touch to learn more about his legal services. You can reach Mr. Shapiro either by one of our forms or call at: (516) 333-6555.If you would like to find out more about the different areas of law that Mr. Shapiro is able to cover, or you would simply like to update your knowledge on the laws and regulations of New York, please feel free to visit our blog and browse through our WebPages. Let us know what we can do to help you, Mr. Shapiro looks forward to speaking with you about your case.

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"Darren Shapiro did an outstanding job with case he was hired for. His price was reasonable and his actions were effective in this case. I would hire this Lawyer again and highly recommend his services." Anonymous
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